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8 Good Ways Social Media Can Do Wonders to Your Brand

8 Good Ways Social Media Can Do Wonders to Your Brand
It is easy to buy attention through advertising or beg for it from media through PR or one can even bug people while doing sales for getting attention. But there is one marvelous way you can earn it and that’s through social media. Simply, create something interesting & valuable and publish it on social platforms and observe the response that you get. It’s more than a decade that we have been using social media for our businesses and getting benefitted by it. Your audience is already there on the social media looking to recreate themselves, entertain themselves and get educated on issues that they are facing perhaps and you have a marketing message that you want to convey. And, the idea is both of you share the same platform-Social Media. Now what you can do is very prudently create some content that can grip the mind of the users and somewhere during the conversation you are making through that piece of content you can convey your message giving a lot of value out of it for your audience. For now, let’s have a look to a few benefits of social media for businesses if leveraged well.

Organic search presence

It is a fact that if someone shares or likes your post, follows you or pins your post, it impacts your organic search presence positively. The more people endorse your content on social media, the better it is for your search engine visibility. This is why you are often asked to make your posts more valuable by adding valuable content such as blog posts, eBooks, testimonials, case studies and other interesting content to it so that more & more people like and share it.

Drive more & more traffic to your website

When it comes to site referrals, social media outlets top the chart not just that they win in witnessing maximum time spent on site.  All of us want traffic! Right? Then only conversions would be possible, we want leads first! However, earlier we only had the search engines to drive traffic and so we paid all our attention to it. But now its both SEO & Social. In fact SEO has now become more social.

Brand Awareness

Now almost everybody belonging to all the age group is on social media. So, if you showcase your brand on social media you are kind of generating awareness about you among masses rather your target audience. Those interested in you will themselves come to you provided you conduct social media marketing a little prudently and meticulously. Through social media you can augment your reach increasing your brand awareness at a very rapid pace.

Lead Generation

Cost per customer acquisition is really very low in case of social media as you only require a real person to manage it for a couple of dedicated hours every week. Even an email marketing campaign can cost you more than social media as you require more time & people to manage it and create more & good content apart from the expensive software.

Recall Value

Believe it or not recall value can do wonders for your business. Do you remember the last time you went shopping? What all clicked your mind while choosing the brands? Perhaps the brands you could recall easily! Right? This is what! When you are doing any kind of marketing, you are likely to buy from the brand you can recall easily. So, somebody who is following you on social media can recall your brand easily and consider buying from you than those who they aren’t following.

Word of Mouth Marketing

The power of word of mouth marketing isn’t hidden from anybody. People have this habit of sharing their good or bad experiences with their friends & peers. On social media you can conduct campaigns optimized for positive word of mouth from your fans and followers.

Viral Marketing

Getting things viral on social media isn’t a big deal. If you are presenting your message in an interesting way and are able to grip the minds & souls of your users, then nothing can be better than this. Users are most likely to share what they like and it goes on & on if they like your content and eventually your piece of content whether a video or an image with a few compelling text or just anything gets viral.

Brand loyalty

People love to follow the brand they buy product from and love to purchase a product from the brand they follow on social media. Call it a trend, a wish or whatever but it is! Moreover, they willingly and for no charge tell others about you and not just follow you if they are your customers. This consistently increases your brand loyalty.


“Social media develops affinity between companies and customers, and affinity is equivalent to purchase intent.”
Remember! It neither time nor money that decides how well your social media campaign will perform but what matters is how prudently you managing your campaigns utilizing the resources that are at your disposal.

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