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6 Reasons why Indian Marketers should Seriously Pursue Career in Inbound Marketing

6 Reasons why Indian Marketers should Seriously Pursue Career in Inbound Marketing
Can you guess which one is the most paid profession in Digital Marketing nowadays? Hint – It is not SEO. It is not online advertising specialist. It is not Social Media Manager either. The answer is – Content Marketing or popularly known as Inbound marketing. Inbound marketers are Kings and Queens across their digital departments in companies across the world. Sales representatives love them because of the sheer volume of leads they are able to present to them on a consistent basis. Yet in India the terms seems completely science fiction. India is flooded with ad specialist and so called SEO experts which are all short terms jobs where you will probably be easily replaced by someone who sells himself better than you. This is completely wrong and at the same time huge opportunity for those who are reading this: Note down of the 5 reasons why Inbound marketing should be your career of a lifetime: Inbound marketers are complete in Digital marketing A good Inbound marketer is highly proficient in SEO because he is able to craft content which is easily discoverable by search engines. Good inbound marketing is an excellent social media marketer because he knows many ways and hacks to bring people back to the content on your website. The quality of that content ensures that those visitors convert into qualified leads. More leads means that you are your CEO’s beloved one. Inbound marketers are true artists in lead generation Part of being a great Inbound marketer in India is that you will know the art of optimizing the content and Calls to Action (CTA for the audience that is like to be your target market. Furthermore,Inbound marketers know tactics and are artists in bringing leads even without any marketing budget. Companies facing seasonal crisis in business who are currently unable to dedicate more marketing budget for growth love them for that capability of theirs. Inbound marketers are the highest paid digital marketers The following chart provided by Moz showcases some of the most paid jobs in Digital Marketing. Note the position of Inbound marketing. Juicy, isn’t it? Digital jobs pay 1 You must be particularly interested in knowing how the particular condition on the Indian market is when it comes to Inbound Marketing. The answer – great indeed!! Digital jobs country wise Inbound Marketing is more paid than SEO, SEM and yes, Social Media marketing. Because Inbound Marketers are highly relying on data and analytics to bring informed decisions about the type of content that their prospects are like to consume and convert, they quickly venture the waters of analytics. This opens the position of further career advancement and higher salary in the field of web analytics. Inbound marketers are opinion leaders No. 1 gig for every Inbound marketers is – writing. Of course, you don’t have to be Dan Brown or Chetan Bhagat to have your doors for career in Inbound marketing widely open. All it takes is to be dedicated and consistent in delivering blog posts and other sort of marketable content on a regular basis. As you write more, you become better and more skillful in giving shape and structure to your thoughts. You no longer interrupt but rather educate. Inbound marketers quickly become opinion leaders in their niche or industry and build online community around them practically without any marketing budget which can also present itself as source for business for their employer. Once they reach to that level they are practically impossible to be fired for example because once they go, their community goes away with them as well. Inbound marketers are tech savvy Inbound marketer is likely to be able to launch a PPC campaign in matter of minutes because they know the best performing terms by which their content is discovered practically without any tools or research. A PPC expert may not be able to look beyond AdWords and ad networks, but an Inbound marketer’s horizons and career perspectives far wider. Good Inbound marketers are quick and savvy in understanding the company’s Sales funnel, CRM software and can even venture into basics of data mining, programming and web design which enables them to make any change on the landing pages and the calls to action without bothering the IT for small coding tweaks. Therefore they are seen as naturally curious, experts with a grasp for technology and gracious sense of business and corporate culture. Inbound marketers in India are B2B companies’ choice of preference Nowadays Indian business stage seems to be dominated by few large consumer and IT conglomerates and many other smaller B2B service companies, product development centres, off-shore development centres etc. Many of them target the Western markets to get outsourcing gigs and few of the brake the ice and quickly grow into midsize companies and IPO companies. The rest of those service oriented B2B companies are highly interested in catching up with those few and have gradually understood that purely hiring social media specialist will not take them to a stage of dominion and large profits. At least not without Inbound marketers. The reason is simple – Inbound marketers are the only ones with long term view of their employer’s business and are able to design and execute lead generation funnels which match the long sales cycles typically manifested in the business model of those companies. Inbound marketers are able to integrate the company’s entire digital marketing department including social media, PPC, web experience and even usability in order to deliver consistent messaging across every channel and build trust throughout the sales cycle. Their obsessiveness with your buyer’s persona ensures that they get profound understanding of your ideal customer’s demography and needs. They ensure that a company’s dollars will be spent for marketing campaigns that actually bring only those leads which are likely to convert and hence higher ROI. For those still not ready to buy, Inbound marketers ensures TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) through sharing valuable knowledge targeted exclusively for the company’s niche which is why they are highly respected by brand managers as well. The practice and trends in Northern America from the past 5 years have shown that most VPs of Marketing are former – you guess, Inbound marketers. If you want to be ready for the higher advancement in your marketing profession in this decade, then a degree of Inbound marketing is what you should start considering immediately. To respond to the growing interest for delivering specially designed Inbound marketing certified program for Indian online marketers, we are soon launching probably the first ever Inbound marketing academy in India, featuring international experts. If you want to be updated about the launching Stay tuned.
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