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It’s beautiful thing when passion and Digital Marketing career come together.

It’s beautiful thing when passion and Digital Marketing career come together.
It has been perfectly said by someone that “finding your passion isn’t about the career and money, it’s all about finding your authentic self. The one you’ve buried beneath other’s people needs”. Passion is your way of life. We have come across so many people who live their lives in desperation and sadness. They are not happy what they do in their career. The sole reason behind the desperation is that they want to follow their passion and will; they just don’t want to know what has been done by others since ages. They are not ready to take the same monotonous career path for themselves but urge to be different and follow the heart. Businessman climbs ladder and get his dream The same burden can be lightened if one follows the passion with the latest trend. Have anyone wondered how the path of career could be if it comes along with your passion and latest digital trend? Digital Marketing can give the platform within your vicinity if anyone is looking for the smooth career life. It has multiple types of job profiles with flexible work hours where you can be yourself and learn all the latest trends. So here in this post, I’ll share what is digital marketing? What kind of fancy and passionate show profiles can you adore and nourish? So let’s start with the basic. m2 What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the type of marketing which solely depends on the internet. It is a set of online marketing tools and strategies that help companies or businesses to promote and advertise their products or services; and target the masses through the Internet and digital mediums such as smartphones, laptops, etc. For examples: 1)    You must have seen many shopping emails in your inbox. It is the part of the digital marketing. Once you select any item in the cart but don’t buy it, later you receive an email stating that “Your cart has one item, please check out”. This strategy is called email marketing which is a part of Digital Marketing. m6 2)    You watch many advertisements on the Youtube, Google pages, and posts. It is because of Digital Marketing Adsense Program. s2 3)    You watch numerous entertaining videos from social media pages like PopXo, BeingIndian, ScoopWhoop, etc. and companies sharing testimonials, interviews, product explainer videos on Facebook. These videos fall under Video Marketing and this is the part of Digital Marketing.
4)    While surfing on Facebook, you watch many advertisements and campaigns of different companies, all because of digital marketing. s4 I have listed 5 Digital Marketing profiles that can directly relate to your passion and help you to earn money: 1)    Youtuber As per wiki, Youtuber or generally known as Youtube personalities, are a class of Internet celebrities and videographer who have gained popularity from their videos sharing website Youtube. You must have across many YouTubers who are reluctantly famous on Youtube and earn money as well. For example, a famous Youtuber, Bhuvan Bam, who has become a Youtube celebrity through his series BB Ki Vines and has been acknowledged well on the internet. He is an Indian Comedian and most admired by the youth not in India but in abroad as well. He has over three and a half million subscribers and over 300 million views as of July 2017. bhuvan Bhuvan Bam Income and Net Worth come from Advertisement Earnings from Youtube Videos. Recently, he also became the winner of the Most Popular Channel Award at 2016 WebTV Asia Awards, Seoul, South Korea. He even got the privilege to visit Youtube headquarters and share his Youtuber experience with all the media which is huge in itself. bhu2 He has accomplished all just because he has the digital knowledge and tactics. He has been well aware that digital medium will become the sole path to earn money and fame the way you want. He has graciously used digital marketing platform to make his show a big success. 2)    Blogger Bloggers are freelance writers who maintain an online journal, also known as a blog. These online journals are shared by people who post entries about a variety of topics. Blogs are usually updated very frequently, and the posts are maintained in a chronological order. If you believe in writing, blogging can give you the platform that can help you to live your passion of writing in a very subtle way. You can create a blog as per your passion and hobby for example if you are more into fashion, you can create a fashion or bollywood blog and earn money out of it. Starting a blog is not complicated but to maintain the consistency is a real task. There are many people who feel blogging is a very complex platform to continue but practice and right knowledge you can achieve whatever you want. MissMalini1 3)    Social Media Manager Social media has taken the place of oxygen that helps us to survive in this unknown world. Social media has been invented to help us to stay connected with our dear ones however which has been turned into a different event. Social media now gives us individuality. It is a platform where we express ourselves, everything, sadness, happiness, anger, empathy, love and so on. People prefer to spend more time on social media rather than going out and exploring. It has become a drug. The drug that helps us to know what’s going around the world. 6 It can be the best career for those who live and die over social media apps or technology. Generally, you need to spread the content via social media channels and run campaigns over the same. However, running paid advertising in Social Media requires some expertise which you can learn with the experience and digital marketing knowledge. 4)    Freelancer A freelancer is a term generally used for a person who is the self-employed person who offers services to multiple businesses. It is the best way to earn money is by working from home as per your schedule and convenience. The only thing is required in freelancing is good command over the language with the depth understanding of your chosen subject like you want to be a subject expert, content writer, social media marketer, etc. As there is unlimited competition in the market, you need to be an expert on your subject and stand different out of all.     There are many websites who want to outsource people for particular tasks. If your skill matches the requirement, you can earn lot depending on the type of job. For getting freelancing projects, you need to create your good portfolio and authority. jun4 5)    Affiliate Marketing Programs In affiliate marketing, we earn money on a commission basis. In this method, you have to promote the products of affiliate networks and individual websites. You can make the profit if your take any desired action as per the website. In affiliate marketing initially, you have to understand the networks/rules and must comply with the rules. As you website traffic increases you can make a decent amount of money. Note: Google AdSense with Blog and Website You might have noticed many times that ads are placed on websites. It is nothing but the other way to earn money through Google AdSense. If you have the website which has good traffic, you can register with Google Adsense and get Google code to post ads on your website. You will get % of clicks when any visitor clicks on that ad. The revenue increases on the basis of visitors on your website and your ranking stability. To earn a good income from Google AdSense you need to put a lot of work on your blogs and website. This strategy is best for long term businesses. Digital Marketing can help you to learn more about these profiles and how to make money as per your convenience and passion. As per my opinion, Digital marketing can provide you a beautiful career with your passion.
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