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How Cammy achieved a 74% increase in sales in just 2 months through Facebook Marketing?

How Cammy achieved a 74% increase in sales in just 2 months through Facebook Marketing?

Sneak Peak:

Read this case study to know how a home security app increased its sales by 74% in just 2 months by utilizing its TV commercial for Facebook and using link & carousel ads to reach new customers. Company: Cammy Industry: Security Tool Used: Facebook Marketing Result: 74% increase in sales Business Type: B2C/ B2B


Offering a smarter security

World’s only home alarm providing company that guarantees no false alarms, Cammy was launched in Australia in 2014. With over 30,000 active accounts across the globe, the company has now expanded into over 107 countries around the world. Offering a range of home alarms including simple & affordable security solution to even general monitoring platform that allows you to keep an eye on kids & pets, Cammy intends to provide its customers a peace of mind wherever they are through Wi-Fi cameras and smart person detection.

Targeting new & better leads

Reaching more people, generating brand awareness, promoting its App and increasing sales was the main marketing objective for Cammy. The home security alarm company wanted to utilize its existing TV commercial itself in a more relevant and engaging way rather than developing new ads. The second biggest challenge for them was making the right target for producing more qualified leads and achieving the brand’s quarterly sales targets.

Paying attention to the customers

The first thing Cammy did was the optimization of its TV commercial for Facebook’s mobile News Feed. It included the shortening of the length of the video, adding of a text overlay to it for sound-off viewing as well as branding at the start for supporting stronger recall. The home security alarm provider made use of Facebook’s demographic and interest targeting for finding the home owners, families and people interested in technology. This made them to ensure that they were targeting and reaching the right people. With the rise in brand awareness, the alarm company started targeting ads to people who already had watched the video as well as to the Lookalike Audiences that looked more or less like its existing high-value customers. Products used:
  • Adverts
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Lookalike Audiences

How Cammy achieved increase in sales in just 2 months through Facebook Marketing

How Cammy achieved increase in sales in just 2 months through Facebook Marketing

Grabbing the attention and securing new customers

By making its creative more creative and utilizing it on Facebook along with a more detailed targeting, Cammy could reach the right people and saw awesome results. Highlights of the campaign that was run between May–July 2016:
  • 6X return on ad spend
  • 74% lift in sales
  • 56% decrease in cost per sale

Words by Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager, Cammy

“Facebook’s extensive range of ad products made it easy for us to adapt our TV commercial into an engaging storytelling format for mobile. The sales we achieved far exceeded our expectations, and show the power Facebook has to deliver proven results. From now on we will be investing even more into Facebook ads as part of our overall marketing strategy.”

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