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If Content is the King, then Conversion is the Queen, how?

If Content is the King, then Conversion is the Queen, how?
The content marketing is not a new concept in the world of digital marketing strategies, where it considered as most sacred among all the marketing tactics. It has been considered more important than ever before. The marketers and businessmen know the role of content is played in the business success and no doubted accept the content as the King. Content is the king and it is increasingly working as it becomes a crucial element in all the digital marketing strategies that reap big rewards in the form of conversion. The creation of the content is not only educating the audiences about the products or services but also to reap the results or conversions out of it. Conversion of content generation can be in any form, Likes & Shares, Downloads, Subscriptions, Add to Cart and so on. call The content is the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites and blogs to demonstrate their own expertise and provide information to their audiences. With the help of content, your business is running and you are getting a good amount of traffic, however, it will go useless if it doesn’t show the appropriate result i.e. conversions. The conversion marketing is a strategy that uses certain tactics to encourage visitors to take a specific action or converting those windows to end result action. For example, someone is interested in buying clothes as per the fashion. He/she reads few articles on a fashion blog, likes it and makes a purchase through the link of the same fashionable product mentioned on the blog.  It will be considered as a perfect conversion through the content. social media example Generally, we use a term called Conversion Rate to measure the conversion through the content. A conversion rate is a rate at which visitors convert into customers. For example, if you have 10,000 website visitors in an average month, and 1,500 of those visitors actually end up buying something through your website, then your conversion rate would be 15% i.e. 15% of your website visitors end up as paying customers. And for those websites, who don’t sell any products, they still can have a conversion rate through their means of desirable actions. All the customers need to do is to take a specific action as mentioned by you in order to count as a “conversion”. For example, there is social media website named PopXo which is highly popular in making videos on generic issues especially related to women. The conversion action for them is simple getting mores subscriptions, likes, and shares. This means whether a website, no matter what it is selling, conversion marketing employs and needs to follow the rule of conversion marketing to measure their growth and success.
This algorithm of content and conversion makes gives a clear vision of how they are totally interrelated and dependent on each other context. Both are partners in crime in business’ success and can’t work without one another. If you won’t share the right informative and entertaining content, you won’t get the designated conversion. If you say content is considered as the King of the marketing strategies as the content is the one who turns up visitors to your website, then I would title conversion as the Queen of marketing strategies as no business will be called successful without the desirable sales or conversions. These both strategies are the real gems for any business success. King-And-Queen-Couple-Premium-Stem-Glasses_1 What are some conversion hooks that you can use for your websites to get desirable conversions? 
  • CTAs with Benefits: replace your CTA hook-lines with ‘benefits’. For example, instead of simply saying “Learn How”, use “Yes, I want a cleaner house, faster”
  • Attractive Landing Pages: Make attractive and engaging landing pages that can soothe to the eyes of visitors. It plays an important role in engaging the visitors on your website.
  • Tiny Commitments: also known as ‘micro-commitments’, these allow your prospects to test-drive your product before committing to a purchase. For example, you could promote a free 30-day trial, or a sample version before payment is required.
  • Product Images: always show images next to your product listing. Another good idea is to clearly mark your top sellers, or “most popular” or sales items.
  • Use Videos: a lot of customers need time to make a decision. If you only present them with BUY or DON’T BUY, then you’re not helping them out. Find other ways to engage with them right away, like having them watch a video of your product in use.
  • More Info: make sure your product or services page includes all of the information the customer should need to make a decision. You wouldn’t list a dress for sale without also posting a size chart, or sell a bookshelf without listing it’s size and height dimensions. The more info, the better enabled your customer is in making their purchase decision.
  • Easy-to-Use Website: intuitive page navigation or search functionality is hugely important for any website, but especially those with e-commerce. You want your customers to be able to find what they are looking for, right away. If your website is frustrating they’ll likely click away to another competitor.
The content and conversion marketing are all about communicating with your customers in an effective and meaningful way and encouraging them to make a purchase decision with your business. All you need to understand the potential and make most of it? Just enroll our CDMC program click here
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