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Digital Marketing – The first career choice for Students

When the times comes for you to pick a career or you feel stuck what to do next in your career, And if you are a fresher then your can Our Article on Digital Marketing career for fresher. You Always discover strange voices of your brain and heart struggling against each other. Mind says go with elite choices like MBA to grab huge packages or heart is asking to be creative or innovative in your career journey. Today’s generation is looking for smart career paths. You will find MBA candidate in each home. According to the survey of the associated chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), only 10 percent of MBAs in India are employable as per their skills. These days a company is looking for students who got industry relevant skills instead of a summer internship, scores and debate winners. Well, juggling over changing a career path or what to study next- Digital Marketing can help you to give perfect closure to your questions.

What is Digital Marketing?

If you have ever received an e-mail offering a variety of numbers or websites to contact for free wallpapers of Bollywood stars, advertisement of online shopping companies on Facebook, promoting a celebrity on Instagram, then you are no stranger to Digital World. Digital marketing is the use of the internet for advertisement, marketing and publicity. With increasing human interest in online pursuits, digital marketers indeed have an enviable job!

How can Digital Marketing be the best choice for a career?

1)    Digital Marketing is in huge demand:

According to The Economic Times, Digital Marketing profession is one of the top 5 professions since 2014. With its huge popularity and cost effective measures, Digital Marketing has become the logo for Marketing.  As Internet has become the basic necessity and technologies such as smartphones, tablets, computers has become the major source of interaction, companies are looking for the skills that can develop their business, increase their leads, sales and profits through these technologies. There are 18 lakhs digital jobs predicted by 2020 and not enough digital professionals to fulfill them.  In India, Industries like Real Estate, E-commerce, B2B & B2C businesses, export-import and many other industries are desperately looking for Digital Marketers.  Just go to any job search site like,, etc and type “Digital marketing Jobs”, you will be surprised by the results.   Job Portal  

2)     Richie Rich Pay & Position:

In today’s competition where companies only want to generate sales and leads, they acquire the relevant skills in Digital Marketing to place you with better packages and positions.   better packages  

3)     Affordable Learning:

Pursuing course in Digital Marketing is highly cost effective as compare to MBA or any marketing course. Duration of the courses is also less as compared to other marketing courses. One even can learn and earn simultaneously.   learn and earn  

4)    Marketing is Digital Marketing:

As Digital Marketing has become the trend followed by marketing aficionados due to increase in internet population; Marketing has a new term – Digital Marketing.   Digital Marketing  

5)    Be your own Boss:

The efficacious part of Digital Marketing helps you to understand the cost practical means to earn growth and flourish your business, and hence you can be your own boss or be an entrepreneur.   Make money online  

6)    Become a Freelancer

If you are kind of person who doesn’t believe in working 9to 5 and want to work as per your ways, then having Digital Marketing can be the best option to pursue. You can just be a freelancer and can work for n-number of companies at your comfortable hours with small to large companies across the world.   Freelancing job   In addition to this endeavor, our Digital Marketers are also recognized as “Growth Hackers”- marketing soldiers who can bring a company from down to the top notch. So why not follow the career path which can give you immense knowledge, develop your skills, pay a good package and let you follow the top league that you deserve. Just explore the space of  Digital Marketing and shine with your choice.  
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Koppula pratap

I am looking for a job in digitalstudents .in i have completed graduation last i eligible to get job in .


Yes, You can get a job in the digital industry. However, you need to learn digital marketing before looking for a job in the same industry. Companies are looking for skilled marketers or at least who have knowledge of digital marketing.

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