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How GoLisbon Used Google Adsense to get 100% of advertising revenue for its website

How GoLisbon Used Google Adsense to get 100% of advertising revenue for its website

Sneak Peak:

Watch this video to know how Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes of use Google Adsense to get 100% of advertsing revenue for their website while sharing the best of Lisbon. Company: Website: Owner: Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes, Lisbon, Portugal Industry:  Travel Tool Used: Google Adsense Business Type: B2C

The Website:

GoLibson-2 Unlike many other travel sites, is created and maintained by people who actually know and experience Lisbon. Mario Fernandes grew up in New York however he moved to Lisbon in 2003 while Roger Warwick though is English but spends his time between Madrid and Lisbon. So, the users get to have a true picture of Libson in the most authentic way through this site, which is aimed at offering a complete guide to the city of Lisbon. Libson is the gateway to all the other beautiful areas of Portugal that are also covered on the website.

Words by Roger Warwick and Mario Fernandes, Founders,

“We started back in 2004 as the sister site to It offers travel tips and advice for tourists visiting Lisbon. We now have five times the number of visitors than when we started out. We get around 100,000 unique visitors per month and the site has become much more authoritative. We heard about AdSense on an online forum for webmasters in 2003 and signed up immediately.

AdSense has given us a constant, reliable income stream. It accounts for 100 per cent of our advertising revenue and has allowed us to reinvest time and money on getting things going with the site. Rich media ads have been a welcome addition and we use them to great effect. While we’re always looking to grow and provide new information for our customers, we’ve always stuck with AdSense. It just works. Lisbon may be a city that is constantly changing, but AdSense remains a stable product providing a stable income.”

How Google Adsense works?

Making the ad spaces available You need to make ad spaces available on your website by pasting ad code on it and chosing where you want the ads to appear. Ads appear on your site based on the bidding Advertisers bid for showing their ads you’re the meant spaces on your site in a real-time auction and the highest paying ad gets displayed on your site. Getting paid The process of billing all advertisers & networks for the ads on your site is handled by the Google Adsense team for ensuring the payment is received by you.

How to get started with Google Adsense: The AdSense sign up process

Creating a Google Account You need to create a Google account however if you use the Google services like Gmail or AdWords, you already have one. Creating conetnt for monetizing Inorder to display Google Adsense ads, you need to have a website or other online content compying with Google Adsense program policies. Managing a postal address for receiving the payments You need to have a mailing address associated with your bank account in order to receive payments. You also need to be aware of the fact that without a postal address you won’t be able to sign up for Google Adsense.  
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