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Step by Step Guide: How to start your own travel blog from scratch?

Step by Step Guide: How to start your own travel blog from scratch?
Have ever this thought come into your mind that, “Hey, I travel a lot. Why don’t I start my own travel blog?” Or, while browsing your stories on Instagram, someone suggested that you run your own travel blog and make money on it. Such acquaintances are quite common if you like to travel too much. Many young people and students have their own dreams about how they travel and at the same time study, go about their business and earn money from it. But to realize this dream, students ask professionals to take my online course to do their own business, have plenty of free time for their blog, and not be distracted from their travels. And if this is really happening to you, or you are really looking forward to opening a travel blog, then you are on the right page. This step-by-step guide will help you create your own travel blog and understand how to make it successful. TravelBlog-image (1) Why do you need to read this? Well, there is an endless pool of travel blogs on online platforms. And, to be honest, out of those, most of them feel stuck. Why? Because most of the people think once they will start posting travel content and money will start pouring in the next day. It’s a myth! To be successful in travel blogger requires patient and consistent efforts. If you are one of the persons who believe in dedicated long term work then follow this guide to start your own travel blog from scratch. Here are the few important things you need to keep in mind while starting a travel blog.

Predicting the niche:

If you want the maximum number of people to read your blog and take an interest in your travel blogging, then you need to pick up a specific niche in travel blogging. Now, what that means? Yes, travel is a vast niche. There are lots of people out there who want to read about travel related to a certain industry. For example:

Luxury Travel:

Some people like to know about luxurious places in the world and spend huge amounts of money on travel, so they like to spend their time reading about this specific niche. 

Within the country Travel:

Like, when you may be thinking to travel in every part of your country and want to share all the experiences of your traveling through the blog. This provides clarification to the readers that you are a country-focused.

Adventure Travel:

This makes the travel blogger as well as readers very exciting. All people love adventure trips, and they want to know this type of places through your blog so you can provide great content in this niche.


Here, you can give a detailed description to your readers on How to manage your budget while traveling? Or Travel Thailand in just 50,000 rupees.

Solo Travel:

The Best experience of solo traveling and tips to enjoy more. with such style, you can share your personal experience of traveling. It’s more like your own journal.  These are the best niches in which you can start your travel blog. Firstly you need to identify what’s your deep interest related to traveling. Once you find that deep interest, you can create content on your blog accordingly clubbing with emotions so that maximum people can engage with you.

Pick up a simple and relatable name:

An attractive and simple name for your blog will be very helpful. More simple and meaningful the name of your blog, more people can understand it properly. Blogging is very popular in today’s era. There are many famous bloggers in every industry, and they are providing quality and interesting content to their audience. Therefore, find out the best things that you can provide them with your blog.  There are very popular travel blog names like Nomadic, adventurous, gypsy, Limo Service Lubbock – Renting A Limousine and wanderlust, etc. If you pick these types of names in your blog, then it will seem like imitating. This can affect the originality of your blog.  But, it’s not easy to find blog names with these synonyms. Competition is too high! You need to add your touch in this while choosing a name for your travel blog. Your blog name directly means your domain name. The domain name of your traveling blog in the URL which should be simple but unique. domain name A simple domain name makes your blog easy to understand. Though, it should be related to traveling. Try to include catchy words. You should remember the most important point while deciding the domain name is that it should not include a hyphen or symbols. This makes the domain name complex and unfamiliar.

Set up a Hosting:

You need to set up hosting for your blog to enter into the world of the internet.  What is the exact meaning of hosting and why you need hosting in your blog? Don’t worry; It is not a complex process to do. Hosting helps us to provide our blog or website a place on the internet, Where all the information and data files of our blog stores. Different hosting plans provide different amounts of storage. You can also avail domain and hosting from the single server at a cheap cost from domain-hosting providers likes GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. Go to the website and choose your plan and pay that amount to publish your travel blog on the internet.

Install WordPress Software:

When you have successfully worked on the domain and hosting, then install WordPress software. WordPress is a free and open source content management system. It runs our website on the internet. And, it’s very easy to operate. After purchasing your hosting, log in your account and click on Create Site. Then Choose your site name and tagline for your site. You can view how to create your WordPress website through the same account as well. They provide various videos that help you to create the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular software in blogging, as many popular blogs, and news media are using WordPress. When you successfully created your WordPress site, you need to choose a professional WordPress theme or any attractive theme that makes your traveling blog’s user interface attractive. WordPress provides plugins that increase the visibility of your site, and it provides SEO strategies through which you can make your blog popular. There are over 30 thousands WordPress plugins that can help your site massively.  Remember your theme and user interface of the blog should be wonderful and mind-blowing. It will help to attract more and more audience. 

Create Original Content:

Your audience will love when you create your own unique content. Research and write unique and SEO friendly content. Search engines give priority to SEO friendly content.  Now it’s not a big trouble to create SEO friendly content. Just remember some tips: 
  • Use Google keyword planner to choose important keywords related to travel blog.
  • Read the articles of top bloggers and analyze how they express their thoughts.
  • Try to use storylines and add a short video of your travel journey.
Your content will determine your audience. You have to be very focused and clear while creating content as it is said that Content is King. While blogging content matters most. Tell viewers about your traveling and provide them with value, knowledge and your real experiences. And, remember, the mantra to be a successful blogger is to be unique. Don’t copy & paste what others are doing.

Start Creating Audience:

The most important thing you need to remember while creating an audience is to Promote, Promote & Promote! You need to promote your content on the internet to get more visitors. When you promote people get to know more about your work, and they want to check it.  Share your blog on social media with relevant hashtags. This helps to get more viewers related to your blog and people engagement. It also helps in creating excitement among the people about your next blog. Create your upcoming blogging stories on Instagram and ask your followers to come & visit your blog for more info.  Add a comment section in your blog and answer every question. You should engage with your audience because this creates a long term relationship. As you remain consistent in travel blogging, you can get more visibility on the internet and soon the professional in travel blogging.

Make Money with AdSense or Join Affiliate Networks:

The easiest and fastest way to start making money through your travel blog is with Adsense. To start with AdSense you need to Sign up for an account, enter in the ad settings you want and then you’re good to go! Read AdSense manual carefully before start using it. You can Download the Quick Adsense plugin, too, as it makes placing the ad code anywhere on your site straightforward. You can start with affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates which is best for beginners. How does it work? Any time you mention a travel kit or travel product on your site linked with Amazon (which you can search for the product through Amazon Associates), you will gain a commission on every sale. There are other affiliate programs especially for travelers as well where you to get paid on every sale. Look for appropriate affiliate programs to make money.


Starting a travel blog can be extremely exciting and revenue generating if followed with the right strategy. So, don’t think too much, start following your heart and incur your experiences through the blog. With consistent content and promotion, you will definitely be making big bucks out of it.
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