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An Digital Marketing Interview Session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee- Sarah Bhardwaj

Sarah Bhardwaj has completed her graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication and currently working with Digital Marketing Company, Make My Business Online. She is a happy go lucky person and has major Social Media Marketing skills. Let know more about her: sarah2 – Please share where are you working currently? What is your profile? I am currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Make My Business Online.   – You are a Graduate in Mass Communication. Why have you chosen a career in Digital Marketing? I have recently completed my graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication. While I was in my last year of graduation, I thought of continuing my career with Digital Marketing as nowadays it is one of the most popular and best career to choose as most of the population is on the Internet. So taking forward my career was the best choice I felt so far. After doing the course, I immediately got a chance to do an internship in Zee News.   -How do you feel Digital Marketing can help students to learn as well earn? According to me, Digital Marketing can help students to learn as well as earn. As Digital Marketing is highly in demand and in my opinion, anyone can find jobs in this profile easily. As I would like to share my experience I was in my last year of graduation when I heard of Digital Marketing course and took admission  in Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) of Digiperform and after 3 months course I immediately got a chance to do an internship in Zee News and now I am working as a digital marketing executive in MMBO and earning well at the age of just 21.”   – In your profile, what is the most challenging part of your work? In my profile, the most challenging work is to keep a touch with our target audience and keep them in a loop. As of now, I am handling Social Media accounts of 7 clients and to keep the engagement in their social media account is the most challenging task. Another thing I find challenging is to target audience while making a paid campaign on Facebook.   – How much you liked Digiperform? Share your memorable moments with Digiperform? I liked Digiperform a lot. Their method of teaching is good and descriptive along with theoretical knowledge. They also give a practical knowledge which helped us to learn in a new way.   – How was the faculty of Digiperform? Do you have any favorites? The faculty of Digiperform was great. My favorite one is Saumye Srivastava. He is one of the greatest teacher and mentor I have ever met. I like the way of his teaching method as he made sure that we will get both the theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time. He taught so good and helped me to find my best skill which is Social Media Marketing. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t be able to understand what is digital marketing and its importance. He and Digiperform are the only reasons that now I am working well in the field of Digital Marketing.   – You were a student when you started learning digital marketing. What is your message to other students? I would like to suggest every student to find what you are good in and you should not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also look for practical knowledge because seeing and doing something by yourself helps you to learn more.   – In your opinion, what is the scope of Digital Marketing in coming years? Digital marketing has a huge scope in coming years and being a journalism student I can say that traditional marketing will lose its importance and charm; more and more people will convert online and business will soon start promoting their brands online. – What are your future plans? I want to grow big in the same field.   Thanks a lot Sarah for being the part of Digiperform and sharing your valuable experience. Digiperform wishes you a great success in life.    
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