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An Interview Session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee – Sweety Shah

A chit-chat session with one of our Ex-trainees as well as a housewife, Sweety Shah, who had a well-developed career as a Marketing Executive for 3 years decided to learn Digital Marketing to get skilled with latest marketing trends. Why? Let’s read to know further: Sweety Shah Q1- Please share your personal and professional background. What kind of business are you managing? My name is Sweety Shah. I am a commerce graduate and have done MBA in Marketing as well. I have 3 yrs work experience in the healthcare industry as a Marketing Executive. I am married to a Doctor so I have started helping him in his side business (Medical Geek) as well. Medical Geek, which is a Best Online Medical Forum where patients can consult doctors for their concerns and book appointment through the same platform. We have tied up with the major hospitals and reputed doctors to provide necessary assistance and guidance to the people whenever is required. I have learned digital marketing to handle the marketing of the website and promoting the same as well. Q2- How you get to know about Digital Marketing? Why have you decided to learn it? As per my marketing experience, I have realized how the marketing has evolved over the course of time; from traditional to digital. If you want to survive in the competition, you need to update yourselves regularly as per the different trends in Marketing. People are more active on the internet rather any other medium. They look for their answers only on the internet. It has become the sole medium of interaction as if you want to stay in regular touch with your audience and provide as well promote your services. Therefore, learning digital marketing become the utmost requirement for me. Q3- How is Digital Marketing helping in your business? Digital marketing is completely different from traditional marketing. In traditional marketing I need to meet people personally, convince, follow & convert them into business or leads manually. Meetings and door to door marketing was the only solution earlier. However, Digital marketing makes work simple and convenient as I can target my audience according to demographic, pattern and age through digital mediums at just one click. No manual hardship is required. Through Digital Marketing, I have started creating online campaigns and promoting my business on social media platforms. Plus it gives me a chance to take care of my family and provide helping hand to my husband as well. Q4-How you feel digital marketing can help other women out there? The women who want to continue their career even after marriage can definitely look for digital marketing. They can work from home as a freelancer. They don’t need to go out to work. They can manage both home and office at the same time. They can explore as per their interests as well, for example, if they are into writing, they can start their own blogs or earn through affiliate marketing. If they have business skills, then they can use it for their family businesses or they can start their own handy business as well. The options are many, it’s all up to you how you long you want to consider yourself as independent and earning women. With your zeal to do something in life, Digital Marketing can be a blessing for working women as well housewife. As there is a saying, “When you will start doing it, first they will ask why you are doing it; later they would say how you did it.” Q5- Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies? Frankly speaking, I am quite particular when it comes to spending my money. I had attended many demo classes before coming to Digiperform. Out of all, I was mentally ready to invest on Digiperform for the Internet Marketing Certification Course only. First, I liked their classroom training facilities. Secondly, there were like no pressurize from them to enroll the course like other training companies. They let me take the decision. I liked their demo class which was given by one of the founders which showed how they really care for the batches and takes it as responsibility. Then, I followed my search for online reviews & testimonials and found out the Digiperform as best for me. Q6- How was your experience with Digiperform. Please share your memorable moments? The experience was awesome. The faculty was superb. They created the interactive atmosphere where we could discuss and ask our queries anytime. We were given an access to LMS portal which has all the reading elements related to our course with exercises which helped us to understand the topic completely. Plus we had practical sessions related to campaigns and AdWords which really helped to clear our all doubts. We had different kind of batch where we had all kind of trainees such as students, entrepreneurs and working professionals which made our learning more entertaining as well helpful. Plus, I was new to Delhi, so I made good friends which made my digital marketing learning more fun Q7- How is the faculty and training in Digiperform? The faculty is very good, response & energetic. They made our class more interactive which helped us to learn more. They are always ready there to solve your problem at any point in time even after the completion of the course. Q8- In your opinion, what is the scope of digital marketing in coming years? In coming years, as our honorable PM is also enforcing to go digital way in every possible aspect, digital marketing will be booming. Digital marketing has taken place of traditional marketing as smartphone users are increasing day by day & so the use of the internet which in turn definitely increase the scope of digital marketing. Q9- What are your future plans? Along with Medical Geek, I am planning to start home care services as well. Q10- Would you like to give any message to your readers? The readers are already digitalized and know the importance of the internet in their life. Its high time to become a digital professionally as well.  Even if you are not qualified I think digital marketing course is for everyone whether you hold any degree or not. One should have digital knowledge whether you are a student, entrepreneur, working professional or a lady at the house. Thanks a lot Sweety for sharing your journey and choosing to be the part of Digiperfrom. We wish you a great success.
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