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An Interview Session with our Ex-Trainee – Supriya Nagpal

A chit-chat session with one of our Ex-trainees as well as a mother who; having a well-developed career as a Software Engineer for 10 years chooses to learn Digital Marketing for rest of her career. Why? Let’s read to know further: Q1- Please share your personal and professional background. In which profile and company you are working currently? I am Supriya Nagpal, a software engineer by profession and have worked in IT industry for good 10 years. I am currently working as Freelancer in Social  Media Marketing after I gave birth to my son and realized I can’t continue with a full day 9 to 6 job. Q2- Why have you chosen the career in Digital Marketing? How do you get to know about Digital Marketing? At present, Digital Marketing stands as a booming career option for the youth in India. Digital Marketing has been successful in making a very strong impact on Advertising and Marketing world. Hence, I chose it as my career change option and I got to know about Digital Marketing from friends and family around me. Q3- How is Digital Marketing helping in your career? Digital Marketing is a progressive field. With technology developing every day, you have to continuously develop your digital marketing skills so that your career keeps growing. Being a mother, I have been looking for an option that can help me to follow my career as well give enough time to take care of my baby. Therefore, Digital Marketing is really helping me to continue my career as a freelancer and stay independent as well. Q4-How you feel digital marketing can help other women out there to learn as well as earn? Digital marketing helps you in a great way to earn whether you are studying or taking care of the family as a housewife; as it provides you an opportunity to work as a freelancer in writing Blogs, SEO’S, Ad-words according to your abilities and so you can earn as much as you can. You can support your family business or husband in the business and help them financially. As there is a saying, “When you will start doing it, first they will ask why you are doing it; later they would say how you did it.” Q5- Why did you choose Digiperform over other digital marketing training companies? I chose DIGIPERFORM over other institutes as I got some amazing reviews from the students who had already completed the Internet Marketing  Training Course from here and now when I have finished my course here, I can very strongly say that it is indeed the best place to learn Digital Marketing from as it gives you a great platform to not just study but also to practically do and learn things in live sessions. And I would like to specially mention the faculty they have, all the tutors are not only just great in knowledge but also very cooperative too. Q6- How was your experience with Digiperform. Please share your memorable moments? It was indeed an amazing experience, I have enjoyed my term of course here.They provide you a great environment to study and learn, made some great friends too. Q7- How is the faculty and training in Digiperform? It was a wonderful experience with Digiperform, they have best of the faculty and I would really want to give special mention to my mentors, they were not just a teacher but also a great supporter in whatever queries about career or course we had. Always recommend them not only for its theoretical knowledge but also the practical experience of every module. Q8- In your opinion, what is the scope of digital marketing in coming years? The answer-digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t, everything is going to be Digital in near-future. Digital marketing has made a great impact in the field of marketing and advertising. The reasons behind this huge influence are cost efficiency, immediate response, flexibility, accessibility and so on. Q9- What are your future plans? My future plan is to work as a freelancer in Digital Marketing and help my family business grow using it as well. Q10- Would you like to give any message to your readers? I just want to say that Digital Marketing is the next thing and Digiperform is the great platform to help you get on the path of success in the best way possible. Thanks a lot Supriya for sharing your journey and choosing to be the part of Digiperfrom. We wish you a great success and Love & Blessings for your baby.
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