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“The drastic change in marketing trends inclined me to learn digital marketing.” – Divij Raj Baja

“The drastic change in marketing trends inclined me to learn digital marketing.” – Divij Raj Baja
As someone said, “Change is the heartbeat of growth”. The same way one should always analyze the right time of – when to change and how to change – if you are seeking growth. With the change of time, the working of the market is also changing. Earlier, the biggest platforms of marketing any businesses were TV, radio, newspaper, pamphlets, etc. Though they are still part of our advertising platforms; however, people are now more focused on online mediums rather than carrying out old ways. This is the change we are talking. Market evolves when people’s behavior evolves. If the audience wants to see brands on mobile; then, marketers, as well as businessmen, need to look for ways to promote their brand on mobile. Similarly, our generation who want to make it big in the field of marketing is choosing the path where they can dance in beats along with the audience. Likewise, in this post, we have shared the one-on-one interaction with our one of the trainees who understood this need of change in his career and decided to take a step ahead to learn about the latest marketing trends. Meet Digiperformer Divij Raj Bajaj who was working as a Business Development Executive in Rodic Consultants Pvt Ltd where he realized that the market is more inclined towards digital mediums. Meanwhile when he decided to start his own startup – RootsAps – he finally made the decision that if he would take his startup to big route where he might need to learn these digital ways if he wants to connect with the right audience. Then, he joined Digiperform to learn advanced level digital marketing and started incorporating learnings into his startup plans. Let’s see what he shared during the chit-chat session Digiperform and how learning digital marketing become the most important part of his career. Have a look!

Digiperform: It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Before heading further, we would like to know a bit about you.

Divij: I live in Gurugram and have completed MBA. During my working days with Rodic Consultants, I decided to enhance my knowledge and skills of online marketing and joined Digiperform for the same. There, I learned complete modules of Digital marketing where I embraced SEO and PPC as my core skills. Also, I am a Co-founder of a startup named RootsAps where I have been volunteering and serving for the environment and humanity, a helping hand to teach children in those areas and imparting basic health education.

Digiperform: What originally attracted you to choose digital marketing as your career?

Divij: As I have stated earlier, I realized the world is more inclined towards digitalization where from shopping to watching TV is all prioritized to mobile devices. Due to this, I wanted to promote my startup through online mediums which urged me to learn digital marketing. During the learning, I realized this is the great path to choose it as a career. Therefore, the changing trends from traditional marketing to digitalization attracted me to choose digital marketing as my career.

Digiperform: What exactly that makes us stand out from the competition & urge you to choose us over others?

Divij: The best part of Digiperform that it has various centers all over India. I was looking for the institute that can help to understand the complete strategy of digital marketing and also should be nearby my place.   Being a working professional, it not easy to work and study simultaneously. Therefore, I was looking for the nearby certified center of digital marketing training, and I got Digiperform.

Digiperform: Tell us about your favorite experience you had with us, whether as a learner or as a customer?

Divij: We had the great interaction session with our trainers where we discussed various case studies. They even discussed how I could promote by startup online to reach out maximum audience.

Digiperform: Would you consider Digiperform as a trusted & reliable resource for Digital marketing training? Why?

Divij: Yes, I consider Digiperform as the reliable source though I felt more need that they could incorporate in the live PPC class sessions and training.

Digiperform: If you were to review our training program, what score would you give it out of 10?

Divij: I would give 8 out of 10 in scoring.

Digiperform: If you had a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Divij: Don’t be afraid of any change. Be ready to adopt the change and learn accordingly. Also, choose your field wisely.

Digiperform: Finally, Describe Digiperform in one line.

Divij: It’s a good digital marketing training institute. Thanks, Divij for sharing our valuable experience. You are doing a great cause. We wish RootsAps would reach the sky. Best of luck!
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