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Top 25 Indian Digital Marketing Case Studies Every Marketer Can Learn From

Top 25 Indian Digital Marketing Case Studies Every Marketer Can Learn From
Before sharing the list of top Indian digital marketing case studies, we would like to ask a few questions to our readers; especially wannabe marketers who have landed on this page.

Have you ever wondered how the marketers of top-notch companies manage to create amazing online campaigns? How do they gain the “n” number of followers over social media platforms? What kind of strategy do they follow for their business marketing campaigns? Are there any specific rules?

Any company whether it’s a small or large scale based would crave online followers for the business. It’s an ideal job of marketers to create such kinds of innovative campaigns that not only draw people’s attention but make them talk about the brands to peers as well.

Digital Marketing is a creative industry that helps businesses to get in touch with prospects through online mediums. With this advancement and more use of social media, anyone from anywhere can get in touch with the company and share their experiences, proposals, message, services, complaints, etc. just with a click.

Today, businesses understand the complexity of online platforms and take well advantage of the same to share products & services summed with innovative marketing strategies.

Therefore, in this post, professional writers from SmartWritingService – case study writing service will share the list of Top 8 digital marketing case studies that will help you to learn innovative ways. These campaigns are only designed to target the sentiments of the Indian market.

Here we go!



Case Study 1: How Does The Ministry of Food Processing (Govt. Of India) spread awareness about World Food India through social media platforms?

In 2017, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries which is a ministry of the Government of India was looking for various ways to promote and spread awareness about World

Food India.



The Ministry wanted to promote India as the world’s food factory. They desperately needed a way out where they could interact and raise not only awareness about the same but to educate Indians on how India is the largest producer of food and food products, suffers from an acute shortage of food.

India is the fastest-growing economy in the world, yet 40% of its food production is wasted annually. Therefore, the country especially the youth needed an awakening regarding the same and World Food Day was the ideal time to start it.

Meantime, The Ministry analyzed that youth is highly approachable on social media platforms, and therefore, they need to look out for innovative digital marketing case studies to reach them directly.

For the same, they hired a digital marketing agency that designed a creative marketing strategy that talked about food wastage and how to tackle it. The agency targeted the audience with creative posts and engaging campaigns with hashtags.     


                                                                    Secure Food



  • 4000+ leads generated comprising potential Exhibitors, Investors, Delegates, and other Partners
  • 3000+ posts created across social media platforms and 4000+ registrations via the website
  • 100+ million impressions through social media
  • Dominated India’s twitter-sphere through 8 successful trending activations
  • 100 times growth in Twitter followers – from 1400 to 150k during the campaign
  • $20 Billion Worth MoUs signed
  • #ReduceFoodWastage (Impression generated: 51000000 )
  • #NoWasteOnMyPlate (Impression generated: 2,0326,113 )
  • #WarOnFoodWaste ( Impression generated: 47988450 )

Case Study 2: Make My Trip Hashtag Campaign  #DilHaiHindustani

Make My Trip is one of the top-notch travel agencies which is also quite popular on social media platforms. This company must be followed by all learners as they keep on introducing creative campaigns and offers especially during festive days.

The online travel company used Independence Day as the major event to target the youth by rewinding the revolutionary efforts for independence.

They came up with the  #DilHaiHindustani which took the odyssey of independence from 1857 to 1947. Mangal Pandey agitation, Jallianwala Bagh massacre, non-cooperation movement, Chandra Sekhar’s Kakori train robbery, and were some people who were featured in it.


Freedom Fighter


Case Study 3: Amazon India The Great Indian Freedom Sale

When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, you can’t ignore e-commerce companies. During the same independence celebration, the top-hole brand Amazon India went for innovative marketing strategies with goods ads as well as offers and using them wisely on social media.

The campaign we have been talking about can set a great example of online marketing campaigns, especially in e-commerce industries.

Amazon India’s The Great Indian Freedom sale organized the contest which involved fun activities and the contestant got shopping vouchers from the company. The campaign was named #10KeBaadKarenge, in this, the people push their shopping plans after the 10th of August because of the Amazon sales.


Amazon Contest


Case Study 4: How KFC India Boosted its Social Media Presence with campaigns like ‘Design your own bucket’, ‘Radio KFC RJ Hunt, and ‘Currycature’

Social media is the best platform when it comes to boosting your online presence and increasing the sale of products within the country. The same has been well followed by KFC which is a famous global restaurant chain brand.

It’s the number one restaurant brand on social media in India. KFC tried many campaigns to increase its online presence on social media platforms for brand awareness.

KFC had launched very famous campaigns like Radio KFC RK Hunt, Design Your Own Bucket campaign, and Currycature to target the youth audience by involving mobile apps. These campaigns helped them to develop their brand awareness as well as increased engagement.


When they started Radio KFC RJ Hunt Campaign, 3000 people from around 30 Indian cities participated in the competition.


RJ Audition


It was a social media campaign to promote KFC’s brand in-house radio channel where fans recorded their voices over the internet with the Facebook App and shared their analog radio experience. Especially newcomers wanted to try their hands over this hunt and decided to take part to collaborate with the famous brand.

Similarly, the Design Your Own Bucket” campaign was another social media marketing strategy where the participants were asked to create their own creative KFC buckets.
Almost 5500 entries took place in total where the participants came up with their colorful KFC buckets.

Additionally, they have also introduced bucket entries with Sachin’s picture on the KFC bucket on the day when he retired. Amazing right!


KFC contest


Another innovative KFC’s campaign was “Currycature” where participants have to choose a character with an ethnic Indian touch and then upload the pictures. Around 17K Currycatures were made by their fans which gave them a unique experience with the brand.


KFC Contest




  • KFC was featured by Social Baker as among the top 5 socially devoted brands.
  • The overall positive engagement of their Facebook page grew from 6.2% to 93.8% which was thrice the sector average.
  • KFC was placed among the five fastest-growing social media brands in India.


Case Study 5: Tata Sky’s Campaign – Transferkar Family

Tata Sky is known as a well-known brand with many digital marketing case studies and you can judge by the name, the campaign was solely targeted on families. Obviously, the motto of the campaign was to promote Tata Sky’s product/services called Tata Sky+ Transfer. This new product is used to transfer the recorded content from TV to mobile or tablets.

Basically, in each family, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to channels. In families but due to some reason, not everyone watches their favorite shows at the same time.

This is very common in Indian families where most of the time TV remote is controlled by the head of the family and others just follow his/her favorites.
For this purpose, the brand came up with an idea and created the out-of-mind family named Transferkars.

This product helped family members to transfer their favorite shows on mobiles or tablets and enjoy every bit of it.

The campaign was a huge success and got viral through social media and TV commercials. Various kind of family-related content was shared during the campaign with discounted offers to the clients. Basically, their understanding of the potential market made the campaign a huge hit.

Case Study 6: Paper Boat’s #FloatABoat campaign on social media

Paper Boat is a very known Indian brand of traditional beverages known for drinks which you can commonly prepare at home like aam Panna, Gol Gappa ka Pani, Jamun Kala khatta, and kokum. These kinds of flavors are quite common among Indian families but not everyone can prepare them at home.

As Paper Boat’s mission states, the purpose of these drinks was to take you back in those memories and float a boot this monsoon. And, the same purpose is very well carried by the team through digital marketing campaigns.

They created numerous innovative campaigns that targeted the emotional side of the audience and made them in love with the brand.

However one of Paper Boat’s campaigns was a huge hit among audiences called #FloatABoat.

Float A Boat

As you can get the idea by the name, the company asked people to make a paper boat like they used to make in their childhood days and share it on social media by using the hashtag along with the title of the campaign i.e. #FloatABoat and following their social media pages.

Another purpose reviled by the brand is that if someone shared this on any social media, Paper Boat will donate Rs.20 for children’s education.

The purpose behind the campaign touched millions of hearts and it was a big success that caused timelines to be jammed with paper boats. You can analyze now how many followers Paper Boat got during the campaign.

Case Study 7: Nivea India’s ‘Mom’s Touch

This campaign was dedicated to all the extraordinary and selfless mothers designed especially on Mother’s Day. Nivea’s Mom’s Touch campaign talked about some extraordinary, selfless stories of the mother from all over the country.

The brand asked the audience to share the selfless moment of their mothers by sharing this video over social media platforms. Their marketing strategy also had a beautiful objective to gain viewership. The brand made a promise that by sharing this video on social media the donation from the brand was done for the girls.

Case Study 8: KKR – IPL Team’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Not even the IPL team could stay far away from the digital world. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is the franchise representing Kolkata in the Indian Premier League (IPL), a Twenty20 cricket tournament whose co-owner is one of the famous film stars –  Shahrukh Khan.


Shahrukh khan

KKR team has the most engagement with its fans and followers due to its digital marketing case studies.  During the initial days, KKR showed keen interest to gain followers over the internet and worked on various objectives like how to increase brand awareness of KKR irrespective of Shahrukh Khan, how to stay tuned and connected with the fans, and how to keep them updated with the latest news & updates.

For engagement, first, they decided to create a video blog dedicated only to KKR fans named “Inside KKR” where fans can get through their news and their favorite players easily.

Secondly, they had a website blog and an official mobile app that kept fans engaged and updated with the latest news about the team.

They paid special attention to social media platforms as well as The digital marketing team at KKR has also organized a live screen Facebook chat at Facebook HQ in Hyderabad.
Players of KKR had queued sessions on Twitter with their fans and run a special “Cheer for KKR campaign”. This is for the time that any sports team followed a digital idea.

Results of the campaign:

  • The Facebook page of KKR has 15 M likes during the campaign, the highest of all the other IPL teams.
  • On Twitter, KKR is the most engaging IPL team.
  • KKR became the most followed IPL team on Instagram with more than 466K followers.
  • It has also gained traffic to its Pinterest page and Google Plus profile.
  • Customized & personalized videos shared on social media platforms by fans led them a chance to receive a valuable acknowledgment by the team players which has turned into 10 million cricket followers and impacted on and off the KKR team.


Case Study 9: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Team Digital Marketing Strategy


Dairy Milk Silk

The case study will give a brief on the strategies of dairy milk silk and Spotify releases mixtapes to advertise it in various forms. How you can send the message of love with the playlists that are personalized for you.

Why they got need to advertise the dairy milk silk. This Ad was necessary for the couples who were separated by the unseen enemy; Covid 19. Dairy milk and Spotify reach out to GenZ with new strategies.

The strategy was implemented via Spotify. It applies the digital marketing experience for dairy milk silk by using Spotify’s API. The users that are listening to the music have been experiencing the creative content of dairy milk silk Ads and music as well. Leisurely, the users get engagement and allow users to get a special playlist to share the file.

Case Study 10: Nilon’s Diwali Campaign Reached Near 2Million Users – Digital Marketing Strategy

The case study of Nilon’s Diwali Campaign reached nearly 2million users by initiating the Diwali campaign in order to spread the noise-free and positive festival lights. Well, you know that Nilon’s acquire a wide range of quality products that include food products as well.

Although, the food forms are an integral part of every festival. Hence, Nilon’s Diwali celebration campaign was initiated don’t his behalf to reach out to maximum users by providing delicious foods with noise-free and pollution-free Diwali.

To do this, the brand initiated a contest campaign where the people has to share the food pictures using #SwaadBharePathaake and parallelly challenging three of the participants according to the criteria.

Nilon’s partnership with the influencers for more engagement and crossed nearly 2 million traffic through this strategy.


Case Study 11: ZEE5 Digital Marketing Strategy For Testing Awareness Campaign


The ZEE5 has created an interesting marketing campaign for Rashmi Rocket for gender testing awareness. The campaign was successful in launching the #LetrashmiRun to cross 22 million+ views.

The case study is about the sportswoman spreading awareness of gender disparity through social and other tools for maximum reach out. The execution was properly planned to start with a conversation between actor Tapsee Pannu and real-life rock Hima Das on the training and journey to the end.

This conversation leaked all over the social media channels and news channels to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, the discussion on the movie clips and other issues are included in the Rashmi Rocket movie marketing campaign strategy to spread awareness. This gets aired all over the news channels, Youtube channel, and on NewsX.


Case Study 12: BookMyShow Digital Marketing Strategy 

The case study of BookMyShow by initiating the #CinemalsBack campaign to retrieve the safety of watching movies in theaters, and increase the footfalls on the website. BookMyShow’s in house team, a campaign to target the following mentioned below

  • Entertainment-Lovers
  • Geographic restrictions notwithstanding
  • Social Setups via social media platforms

These are the main features of the campaign that are being a high priority for spreading awareness. The campaign includes the importance of health and safety measures against the Covid 19 situation.


First Day First Show


Through this campaign, the BookMyShow encourages the audiences to relieve the magic of the big-screen experience with all safety measures. After that, the campaign surpasses 76% of the traffic of the pre-covid level.


Case Study 13: Sony BRAVIA’s Digital Marketing Strategy 

The case study of Sony India explores the campaign of Sony Bravia integration with Google TV in India and is sired across the social media platforms and news channels as well. It was shared on the internet and generated traffic and impression with a spike.

The objective of Sony India was to inform the benefits and features of the TV to the folks of the country. The campaign was executed from scratch by building curiosity with a series of ENCRYPTED tweets with no reference.

After that, the team waited for a while for the engagement of the users and listened to them as well. The audience stand on the hopes and strategies of the campaign, the audience started sharing their experiences and problems they are facing.

Thereafter, The team started a quiz to increase the engagement that will help the team to know more issues from the audience.

Lastly, the company placed one solution over every issue that will definitely influence many users. Parallelly, it started sharing its features like; introducing multiple OTT platforms with 70,000+ episodes and movies. Through this campaign, Sony India earned 8.5 million impressions.


Case Study 14:  Zandu Ultra Power Balm Digital Marketing Strategy 

The case study of Zandu Ultra Power Balm launched the Khali to advertise the Zandu ultra power balm to generate traffic and impressions. But, the main goal of the Zundu team was to generate sales through this Ad by titled ” Kada Dard ka Kadak Jawaab.”


The Great Khali

The Zandu Ultra Power Balm starts the campaign by releasing the posts slowly and giving signs to the target audience about the capabilities of the Balm. Slowly, Slowly, Khali’s posts were launched on weekly basis to increase engagement.

The results of the campaign were very effective with the sales

  • 7.7 Lacs Reach
  • 2.3 Lacs Engagement
  • The users were Continous commenting on all the routes used in the campaign.



Case Study 15: Digital Marketing Strategy 

The case study of the integrated with LinkedIn to start a campaign for creating the linked In job hunt on the internet by facing the Atul Khatri is an Advertisement face.

The campaign gets kickstarted with the launch campaign on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter by featuring Atul Khatri. The campaign introduces Atul Khatri as the chief executive officer of Cultbike. fit.

Atul Khatri shared a video that includes the contest. He introduces a Chief Excuse Officer and opens the podium for the contest. This will be followed by the audience’s views and comments to vote for the participants and get recruited for the top position.

To participate, the user needs to share the lamest excuse for not being fittest to win the title of Chief Excuse Officer. The hunt will be started with the linked In. Through this strategy, the campaign gets 14000+ applicants for the, 97,11,018 reach on Facebook, and 42,75,445 on Instagram.

Added new followers around with a growth of 106% on Facebook and 205% on Instagram.


Case Study 16: Reliance Jio Digital Marketing Strategy 

The Jio is planning to execute a campaign on the occasion of 5 years anniversary. The Jio started the campaign with the #5YearsOfJio  video on social media platforms. The Jio wants to show the revolution from the digital revolution to the revolution in India.

How they reconnect with the users and unique audience through social media platforms. As they have included influencers, celebrities, and many other strategies to reach out to the folks.

The campaign describes the journey of the Jio from scratch they have started from 1995 to 2021 emphasizing nostalgia that will connect with the people’s emotions and will build engagement all over the internet.

Jio started with Twitter by sharing various tweets and slowly it is expanding on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. The videos include the human behavior from its core- as to how we connect then to how we connect now by keeping the hashtags #5YearsOfJio

Lastly, the campaign earned many impressions, engagement, views, and a wide range of reach. As the  total reach of the campaign was up to the 954k+

Case Study 17: Aditya Birla Digital Marketing Strategy

The case study of Aditya Birla started on behalf of  World Heart Day. The campaign will explore fitness and staying healthy. Alongside, building the brand salience in the health insurance category.

Here, you will see how Aditya  Birla spammed on the internet to generate a wide range of traffic and impressions. As it is declared as one of the best digital marketing case studies. The initiation of the campaign was with #LaughForHealthyHeart on Twitter and other social media platforms as well.

the campaign roped in all influencers and other strategies to roll out over all social media channels like Youtube. The comedians are also involved in this campaign that describes many mutual facts for building engagement and traffic.

The campaign ran for around 2 months on the internet and specifically on, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. The campaign resulted in 1.7 million reach, 1.9 million impressions, and 44,000 clicks.

Case Study 18: Streax Digital Marketing Strategy

Streax planned various digital marketing case studies as this one stand’s out because of parenting with many celebrities such as; Gauahar Khan, Rithvik Dhanjani, and dancer-choreographer Awez Darbar. it was like celebrating the video featuring Shah Rukh Khan partnering with Streax and reaching out to 15 million people.

The Campaign was started with #GetStreaxWithSRK and the execution. The goal behind featuring this video is to represent the Steax in a new way and it redefines the term Sexy replacing it with Streaxy.

The video seems to share the message of an upbeat melody, encouraging people from all walks of life and stay Streaxy. After that, Streax did not stop and engage with customers, Streax partnered with television personalities such as; Gauhar Khan, Rithvik Dhanjani, and Awez Darbar.

The videos were posted with the #GetStreaxyWithSRK challenge and invited more audiences to make videos on this song.

The Streax earned a reach of over 36 million users and 15 million consumers in India.


Case Study 19: Hershey Digital Marketing Strategy

The Hershey launched a campaign with #MeantToBeShared to celebrate the bond of friendship on social media. Hershey is a brand with a lot of digital marketing case studies and this campaign was very beneficial for the team that created a boom on the internet on the occasion of Friendship Day.

Hershey’s campaign is a kind of friendship story that involves Break Up moment, a Class Bunk, and many more. The post receives more than 250 comments in half an hour. This campaign shared many hashtags and such as #Friendship Day Reels.


Hershey's Bar


Moreover, the audience engaged with this campaign for more than 2 to 3 months by reposting it for their birthday celebrations. The campaign resulted in a wide range of reach with a total reach of 4.2 unique audiences on Instagram and crossed 1.5 million reels. The campaign get 50% organic traffic and the brand page grew by 12%.


Case Study 20: Adidas Digital Marketing Strategy

Adidas plans a few digital marketing case studies to run the campaign in July 2021. As the brand was planning to launch the plan #OpenForum to start with Instagram and lead with multiple social media channels.

The brand was planning to use every feature on every platform such as reels, stories, posts, and videos on the Youtube channel. The main perspective of this campaign was to show the new shoes launched by Adidas for different kinds of sports and casuals as well. It started with the pre-launch; Onboarding the #OpenForum Crew.



Meanwhile, another team was shooting the content of big influencers to engage folks and reach out to various categories of sports lovers. This will give a wide range of visibility and impact to Adidas.

Adidas worked with a few influencers who posted their images respectively. This will give the users regular interactions and suggestions in the feed as well. Gen Z was very influenced by this campaign and engage for a very long time.

This #OpenForum resulted in 7.6 million-plus users and the average rate of engagement was up to 5.4% in the initial weeks. This was considered one of the digital marketing case studies in Adidas’s campaign history.


Case Study 21: Rage Coffee Digital Marketing Strategy


Rage-Coffee is a plant-based vitamin C coffee brand and is established in multiple countries such as; India, the US, and the EU. The company has stepped into the cryptocurrencies and wants to share the news to grow in crypto, Rage is aimed at the Indian techy folks via a few strategies.
Cryptocurrencies are more than a trend. Currently, You see much growth in crypto and the process it does to generate income where you understand the highs and dips in the system.
Crypto is always in trend and up on social media platforms; Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The crypto has given a daily basis new conversation around the users and for the unique audience as well. Meanwhile, Rage Coffe planned to run a campaign to create a conversation around all platforms in a total of four phases.
Firstly, they started with Pre-Buzz for 6-7 days to generate awareness for its target audience. After that, there were a few that are challenging to make coin dip and that forced folks to make a conversion about it.
The third phase reveals the AR Filter and several guidelines for the giveaway. It was an essential game for every user as the three top winners will be awarded a coffee for free. Lastly, phase four announced the top 3 Rage Coffee Goodie winners.  After that, the campaign resulted in a unique reach of up to 397, 900 and 4,751 were participants.

Case Study 22: Plum Digital Marketing Strategy

Plum is a big firm and always stays updated with digital marketing case studies. Recently, it has run a campaign to celebrate Mother’s day by posting the hashtag #LikeAMother.
Here, you can take
The Plum is a hub of skincare and cleaning beauty products made up of nature’s best reserves of natural nutrients. Recently, the campaign run by the Plum is for the occasion of Mother’s day.
As the bend feels the best opportunity to generate most of the leads and wide range of engagement via this campaign. The brand feels it will be best to celebrate motherhood which has showered the love and care as a mother.
The campaign was executed with the Instagram platforms and by holding a contest for sharing the stories of moments about their friends, sisters, or anyone related to them who have to behave just #LikeAMother
The campaign was active for up to 1 month and earned 33.1k impressions, 5.4k plus engagement, and more than 300 were the participants.

Case Study 23: Swiggy Desi Masala Digital Marketing Strategy

The case study of Swiggy Desi Masala was to target the women’s day celebration and was trying to change the search results for the keyword ‘Desi Masala’. This attempt made Swiggy run a campaign to show the bran’s latest Instamart feature.
The main purpose of the campaign is to highlight, call out and inspire to recognize an Indian woman as a ‘Desi Masala’.
The digital marketing case studies are done with various Swiggy but, Swiggy has set up this campaign on the social media platforms such as on Instagram, Twitter to add more participants and tag the correct Desi Masalas on the social media handles.
Swiggy Desi Masala’s campaign was amplified on the social media handles and it was urging the audience to share the stories and join the campaign to make a difference. The benefits of the campaign were given to the participants.
The customers who have placed orders during the campaign with CTA were given a free packet of Kohinoor Masala powder.

The campaign resulted in 13 million folks in less than 48 hours, resulting in the campaign in the first position on the search engine. The hashtags that are generated during the campaign were; #Swiggy, #SwiggyDesiMasala, #DesiMasala.

Case Study 24: Rasna Digital Marketing Strategy

Rasna is a brand with a wide value holding a wide range of audiences. In the competitive world, Rasna was lagging behind and was planning to leverage the mass following audience by designing a campaign to invoke nostalgia and revive childhood during lockdown 2.0.

The Rasna was known for its ‘I Love You Rasna’ tagline for years. Hence, Rasna decides to expand its usage and involvement in the daily uses of products. Many digital marketing case studies were discussed and were finally hanged with the one strategy to launch on the internet.

The campaign was set up with the hashtag #LooveURasnaRecipes. The Rasna partnered with many influencers and made a video to invoke nostalgia and childhood memories. The video was made by the popular rapper and influencer to engage more people and influence them to purchase and experience the same feel.

Rasna’s posts were shared on various influencer’s pages such as; BharatzKitchen, Kanak Khaturia, and Meghna’s Food Magic. This amps the engagement from several page accounts and submerges on Rasna’s Page to know more.

This campaign resulted 8,443,817 unique reach, 6,673,478 video views, and more than 70,000 posts engagement.


Case Study 25: Burger King India Digital Marketing Strategy

Burger King India is a well-established brand and holds a wide range of popularity. The digital marketing case studies of Burger King India seem very effective and this campaign was created with different perceptions in order to denote valentine’s day as the season of breakup.

Burger King India tied up their Whopper to launch on valentine’s day by keeping the hashtag #DateThe Whopper. The influencer that was featuring this campaign was Sima Taparia who was describing the campaign to build engagement.

Usually, valentine’s day is celebrated by couples. But, Burger King took it to a different road via Sima Taparia to inform the people as valentine’s day is the season of breaking up and finding someone better by describing the parallels between relationships and burgers.

The campaigns amplified on social media handles because of assets and contests. The campaign urges meme-makers to share the posts and build engagement to be a part of the Whopper Clan.

Hence, the campaign results in an 11.6 million reach across social media platforms. The engagement rate was increased by 5.1% and see a rise in the brand value as well.


Take Away

There are numerous ideas to create your online marketing strategies. All you need is to think out of the box and plan according to the occasion.

Also, while creating marketing campaigns your focus should be on how to touch your audience emotionally. It’s proven that sensitive topics can lead to gaining more attention and engagement. But make sure it should hurt or carry forward against the law.

Digital platforms can provide you with a vast playground where you can experiment and reach out to a million people with a great marketing strategy.
So let’s get started to create your online marketing campaigns and reach millions of hearts. This is all about the top 25 Indian digital marketing case studies and you may comment below for any query. We would gracefully assist your query at the earliest.

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