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Voice, Mobile & AI are three trends that will continue to rock the market in 2019. 

Voice, Mobile & AI are three trends that will continue to rock the market in 2019. 
In DigiTalks by Digiperform, Meet Aayush Narang, a go-getter entrepreneur, risk-taker, coffee lover, leader, friend, mentor, and more. A man with so many roles whose journey is full of wow experiences, treasures, and of course hard work. Currently, he is a proud founder of a digital marketing agency in Delhi – Spark Eighteen Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. Digiperform always encourages those who dream to aim high, believe in their will & skill to bring out the best version of themselves. So, we decided to get in touch with him personally and ask for his journey from college students to Digital Entrepreneur. Have a look and we hope his life and experiences will help others to motivate and feel confident in their abilities.

Digiperform: Hi Aayush! Welcome to our industry segment DigiTalks By Digiperform. You govern many roles. Like, you are an entrepreneur, marketer and consultant. Our readers would like to know real Aayush, like your hobbies, likes or dislikes, previous experiences…..etc. in your words.

Aayush: Hello Digiperform and thanks for getting in touch with us and providing the platform to share our views. The entire team of Spark Eighteen is thrilled and grateful to you.  Talking about myself, I always wanted to become an Entrepreneur and doing a regular job was not my thing. So, here I am, a Founder of Spark Eighteen Pvt. Ltd. I love having a good cup of coffee and enjoy hanging out with my friends at different coffee shops in Delhi. And, I started my entrepreneurial journey way back in high school. I, along with a friend, built a few designs to compete with the sweatshirt trend and made a million bucks in revenue. I also ventured into a product business with Cookfresh (food tech space). At Cookfresh, we used to provide ready to cook gourmet meals at home. Those were amazing days!

Digiperform: Please tell us about Spark Eighteen. Also, share the foundation of the company? How it got started?

spark eighteen Aayush: Spark Eighteen is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. We are renowned for crafting unparalleled solutions for our clients. We believe in keeping our clients’ brand objectives and vision intact while giving their users the ultimate experience of cutting-edge technology. Our team of creative designers, techies, and content enthusiasts work towards delivering maximum results, suiting our client’s business needs. Founded in 2012, Spark Eighteen is the brainchild of young, innovative minds who comprehend the digital world from a new age perspective. With the vision to make our clients stay ahead in the race and to provide them with the unsurpassed digital services, we have connected with the best community of creators, visionaries, storytellers, artists, etc. Based on the philosophy of Dream-Devise-Deliver, we make DIGITAL happen by discovering what works best for our client’s brand. Our diverse group of people think out of the box and deliver one-stop-shop solutions for start-ups and businesses.

Digiperform: Please tell something about your team? Also, your achievements so far?

Aayush: As I have said earlier, our team consists of creative designers, techies, and content enthusiasts.  With minds extending from analytical to creative, we bring our exclusive kind of creativity to work across the digital spectrum. We at Spark Eighteen house a group of passionate individuals specializing in different domains with shared and definite values and vision establishing a coherent unit. Our team of young enthusiasts bring their innovative techniques and learning to develop the most effective campaigns for every client. Working with young talent helps us in keeping with the latest trends and target audiences better. And, their urge to learn continuously about the new approaches and trends help us to grow. These superheroes blend strategy, creativity, media, technology, and analytics to bring innovation. This right blend of skills helps us in delivering successful campaigns and strategies. I am proud to have such talents as a team, they are more like a work family. spark eighteen

Digiperform: Knowing your high professional activity, how do you combine your agenda to fulfill the tasks as a marketer, consultant, and entrepreneur?

Aayush: Being a goal-oriented person, I believe to prepare, configure and strategize to bring out the best results in my every project.  As an entrepreneur, it’s my duty to provide my knowledge and vision to make sure my team is on at the same stage. I have learned that one should be transparent to his/her team if he/she is really seeking out a dream goal. Being a goal-oriented digital marketing company, we believe in preparing, planning and project management to maximize brand promotion. We connect our clients with their audience by creating strategic marketing campaigns and help them accomplish numbers and realize the vision they have for their brand in the digital realm. We provide businesses an extra edge by bringing down the costs relative to the revenues. As a marketer, I make sure, first me, then my team stays updated as per the market trends. Every day new marketing tactics keep popping up making it tough for the businesses to stay on top of the newest trends, so by figuring out the best ways to use different platforms, we master the different areas of digital marketing.

Digiperform: What makes Spark Eighteen – the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi?

Aayush: Our belief in unleashing insights and blending data, strategy, and sharp marketing expertise to drive the best results for our clients’ business is what makes us the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. We are a marketing agency that focuses on growing your business with digital marketing- by bringing you and your audience together online. Our urge to learn continuously and apply that learning to make things better help in continually refining the experiences we make. Trusted by the leading companies, we offer a plan, implementation, and specialized services in branding, design, consulting, marketing, website designing, and development, online marketing, etc.

Digiperform: Tell us something about the projects you have been doing or completed so far?

Aayush: Haha! Ideally, we don’t share our projects and secrets. But I would definitely like to give an insight into one of our recent successful projects. 

Project NameGeminus

Geminus is the world’s first industrial process-centric digital twin product that delivers self-optimized design, predictive operational intelligence and asset performance enhancement to operators and engineering service providers. It integrates with operational data through SCADA systems, historian software, sensor gateways, and enterprise asset management to trigger physics-constrained AI modeling. 

What they wanted from us-

Being in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry that propels industrial design and processes, Geminus wanted to develop a website that would portray their brand in the true sense and that is also coherent with their brand voice. Moreover, there was a need to create a dashboard that would run smoothly and support the inventory of inferred solutions and that would be integrated with their modeling platform on the website.

What we offered

After understanding the in-depth industry collateral, we devised a strategy of making a website that would communicate the nature of the company, showcasing the importance of the service being offered. Understanding the user persona of the website, we created a coherent UI that would introduce them to the modeling platform. For more, you can visit our portfolio

Digiperform: How do you see digital marketing evolving in the future? What are the top three trends do you foresee for the coming year 2019?

Aayush: We are living in a moment when technology is helping us in bringing more and better audiences to like our products. So, in future brands will have to change the customer shopping experience by having more improved strategies for their customers. If the brands have to stay ahead of their competitors in the future digital marketing environment, then have to follow these key elements: Enhancing voice search & mobile, making the best use of AI technologies, remodeled UX experience and content diversification. These three trends will rule the digital marketing space in 2019 and ahead. Brands should start exploring and optimizing their content for voice search. According to a report by Google, 20 percent of all Google search queries will now take place through voice search. Not only this, marketing automation is predicted to undergo a radical change because of the confluence of technology and marketing.

Digiperform: According to you, what are the various ingredients for a successful digital marketer and business?

Aayush: The digital marketing industry growing at a fast pace and becoming incredibly competitive, it has become imperative to have that zeal to learn and to apply in everyday plans and strategies. The digital industry requires passion and a desire to succeed, so hiring the right resources who have the eagerness to learn is one of the most important ingredients. Knowing your strengths and focusing on the same helps in making an agency successful. Knowing the numbers is an essential ingredient that helps in giving an extreme amount of clarity around what one wants and what it’s going to take to get it. Staying Updated with the top of industry news will help in keeping the business on the top. And, if you believe in this, drop a mail at and join our team. We are happy to have such great talents. And don’t forget to follow us:


Thanks Aayush for such a lovely discussion with us. We are sure our readers would love to hear your side of the story.And, we are 100% believe that Spark Eighteen will become one of the top digital marketing agencies of the World. Thanks again for extending a helping hand for our trainees and readers. Definitely, our trainees would love to be part of such a marvelous team.
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