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Chapter 7- How to increase the conversion rate of your email marketing campaign?

Chapter 7- How to increase the conversion rate of your email marketing campaign?
Hello Readers! Welcome to chapter 7 of our free email marketing course where you have learned what is email marketing and how it can help you to get more leads for your online business. With this online email marketing course, it’s our obligation to educate those who want to start their career in online marketing or looking for easy ways to generate leads for the businesses. During the course, we have share following chapters: Chapter 1- How to get started with email marketing? Chapter 2 – How to build an email marketing list from scratch? Chapter 3 – How to create a free email template without coding? Chapter 4 – How to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign? Chapter 5 – How To Use A/B Tests To Improve Your Email Campaigns? Chapter 6 – How To Generate Leads With Your Email Marketing Campaign? In this chapter 7, we will be sharing what is email conversion and what are the best practices to increase the conversion rates of your email marketing campaign. Also, you will learn what are the basic tips you can adapt to improve your email conversions for the business. Here we go! As we have already stated in our previous chapters that there are “n” number of emails received by our subscribers or readers every day. And, there are 100 percent chances that your email might get ignored. Even if you think at the personal level, do you open and read every email? Do you click on the links shared in emails? Do you fill the forms and provide your details to each email response? Of course not! That’s a reason it’s become very important to understand the process of how to draw the attention of the recipients and urge them to convert as well. During this chapter, you will learn:
  • how to get email conversions
  • practices to boost email conversion rate
  • tips to increase sales and improvise your conversion rate
Email marketing is one of the incredible methods to nurture prospective buyers and generate sales even in this current competition. All you need to is think and show – What makes you different? What makes you best out of all? What kind of marketing strategy are you should follow for your business to generate leads and increase conversions? Email Marketing is an art to create a compelling and eye-catching marketing strategy. However, if it’s designed in a right way, it can turn into the sale or the trash-can. To make sure your every campaign bring out the best conversion rate for your business, we are sharing few email marketing practices suggested by email marketers that can make email campaigns fantastic, effective and increase conversion rates:

A Captivating Title

The title (subject line) is the primary thing anyone would notice and it’s reasonable the central factor regardless of whether you open an email or not. In order to increase your email marketing conversion rate, make sure your subject line that your email is all about. For example, if you are sending a sales email to your subscribers, your email should incorporate ‘20% Off on Next Order‘. And, It will sound better than just stating ‘Discount on Next Order’. The subject line of the email marketing campaign should be appropriate (specific) and straightforward that gives more data. Also, the same subject line should be mentioned in your body of your email campaign. Consider making it a bigger text style, striking or an alternate shading. But make sure it flows within your email’s overall design; otherwise, you risk deterring prospective buyers.

A Clear Call-to-Action

One should never underestimate the role of Call to Actions in any email marketing campaign. This is the only thing that will determine your open/conversion rate and the success of your email campaign. Therefore, Call to Action should be clearly visible and must include well-stated directions on what to do. Also, there should be less number of CTAs especially when it comes to redeeming any offer or sales discount. The same you might have noticed in e-commerce emails when they send their EOS (End of Season sale). The big companies prefer to keep it simple and give only single or two CTAs to direct their readers on discounted landing pages. The longer and harder you make someone work for your offer the greater the chances are they will give up. Another of the most important thing you should keep in mind while creating effective email marketing campaigns- is the speed at which your landing page loads. The longer time a landing page takes to load, more it loses the interest. It’s a big turn off for readers/visitors. The emails containing gifs or high-quality images on the emails slow downs the loading of the landing page. The loading should be fast and the design should be streamlined. Still not believe? then try this strategy with A/B email testing. Create two emails with the same content with little variation in designs especially graphics. To learn A/B strategy, you can read our chapter – how to use A/B testing to improve your email campaign? Try it, you will definitely get convince with our approach.

Targeted Emails and Segmented Lists

It’s a human psychology that they won’t open an email if it’s not related to them. They won’t be interested to open your email that won’t interest them. If you keep on sending irrelevant emails, they will barely glance your efforts or may unsubscribe you as well. This should not be happening! It will be like the pain in your marketing strategy. Therefore, segment the list and target them as per your email strategy. Segmenting your email list is not a difficult task to undertake and will greatly increase your click-through and conversion rates. One of the email marketing tools, Mailchimp have stated in their reports that segmented customers had a click-through rate that was 21% higher than normal. That’s great and it makes sense! Personalization is important; it makes the reader feel special and also shows them you are not going to waste their time with unnecessary emails. Here are some ideas of ways to segment your list:
  • By engagement level. You could even send a “re-engagement email” out to any inactive members you currently have.
  • By persona, like gender or job title.
  • By location.
  • Based on shopping history.
Consider your readers, brainstorm with your team and start segmenting! We can guarantee you will see some immediate results in your conversion rates.

Great Copywriting

Quality written content makes all the difference. That’s why marketers say Content is King!”. We have said it previously and we will presumably say it several more circumstances. Your emails should be engaging enough and clear about the product irrespective of whatever you have mentioned in the subject line of the email campaign. Your content should invoke an emotional response with your reader; make them laugh, make them care and most importantly, gain their trust!
  • Use captivating headlines to catch their attention.
  • Make the content scannable by using bullets or breaking up large paragraphs of text.
  • Write for your reader by using the correct language.
  • Include keywords while keeping it natural.
  • Include links that will directly land visitors/readers to the webpage (destination).
  • Proofread for typos! This may sound self-evident, yet grammatical mistakes look awful. They ruin you and influence individuals to lose trust in your organization. So edit, edit again and after that ask another person on your group to edit it before you send it out.

Welcome Emails

The Welcome email is an extraordinary method to be in contact with new subscribers to thank them and express gratitude toward them for joining and let them recognize what’s in store. Possibly you need to tell them how frequently they will get an email from you. You may likewise consider sending them an appreciated activity or an offer particularly held for new supporters. This is the beginning of your relationship and this email is one of your initial introductions. Make them feel special and encourage them to engage with you. This is likewise an extraordinary chance to guide them to your online social media pages or your blog so that can start following you on other channels. Be that as it may, what’s the best part about the welcome email? It can be automated! The moment another supporter agrees to accept your mailing list they will get this email from you without you doing a thing (well, aside from creating the email, to begin with, and keeping it up to date, of course).

Reminder or Update Emails

The way to send the update email is to comprehend the purchasing cycle of your client. Did they purchase a membership for a service you offer? At the point when does it expire? Rather than giving their subscription a chance to run out and hoping that they decide to renew, send them an email. Maybe you could even include an incentive to sign up for a longer subscription. Make it simple for them to restore by incorporating a connection in your email where they can achieve it within a single click. The easier you can make this process the more likely they are to do it the minute they receive the email. And guess what? These emails can be automated too; making it easier than ever to stay on top of your customer’s buying cycle. All you need is to have a good email marketing tool to follow all these.

Most Important Points:

The most important to increase your email conversion rates:
  • Run A/B tests to see what your readers respond better with regards to content, layout, and design.
  • Test your email in multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Constantly monitor your click-through rates, open rates, and bounce rates to see what is the most popular.
For the initial phase, these are the few practices that would definitely help you out to run a successful email campaign and generate more and more conversions. Include them in your email marketing strategy and let us know the results. In the next chapter of our free online email marketing course, we will be sharing the list of best email marketing tools. Stay Tuned! Previous
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