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How To Get A Job In SEO As A Fresher

How To Get A Job In SEO As A Fresher

Digital marketing has become a top agenda for any business that is starting fresh.
Before physically creating a presence, they first create an online presence. Well established businesses have realized that having a Digital Marketing team onboard is the need of the hour.
There is no doubt that this change has created thousands and lakhs of opportunities for people who want to get a Digital Marketing job as a fresher.
Businesses are getting more and more technology savvy and with each passing day, a digital marketing professional is expected to be involved in various aspects of Digital Marketing.
Amongst many specializations in Digital Marketing, SEO stands out as number one in demand. Search Engine Optimization is a process of receiving traffic from organic/free/natural search results. 
Every organization that is present online wants their website to be ranked at the top. That’s where SEO comes into the picture; these companies look for specialists who can help them achieve that ranking.
SEO has emerged as a crucial aspect of Digital Marketing and it is only going to go high up. 
An SEO specialist’s job is to bring the website up by optimizing the site for search engines. If you are someone who wants to make a career in digital marketing, then you can opt for a raging field i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

Today, SEO is a wide field and again it offers many different kinds of opportunities. As a fresher, it is a prosperous career choice for you. 

How to start a career in SEO?

Before choosing a career we consider many things, such as job security, monetary growth and work flexibility.
If you are someone who has chosen SEO as their career then you need not worry about all these aspects.
Considering, SEO is a field of not only wonderful opportunities but also provides job security, great monetary growth, and flexibility to work according to your convenience.
To start a career in SEO as a fresher, one does not need specific education. A person with a basic knowledge of computers and the internet can learn SEO and start a career.
Someone who is experienced in other fields and wants to change a career can also consider SEO.
It is easier for both fresh graduates and people from unrelated or related fields such as Software developers, Content Writers, Web Designers, SEO Copywriters, and Social Media Marketers, etc.
Even if you do not know SEO, you can learn it and be an expert within a couple of months. You can either take help from a person who already knows SEO or join formal classes where you are trained by a qualified trainer. 
Once you have basic knowledge of SEO, start practicing it. Create a junk website that is fun for and you can be excited about it.
You can start with a blog, pick any topic that interests you and write content. Practice by putting keywords in the title tag and Meta description. Experiment with it by crosslinking relevant blog posts together. 
There are several job profiles and designations in the SEO field such as: 

  • SEO Trainee
  • Junior SEO Executive
  • Senior SEO Executive 
  • SEO Analyst
  • Link building Expert
  • SEO Project Manager
  • SEO and SEM specialist
  • Adwords specialist
  • PPC Expert
  • Analytics Expert
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO Consultant 

Other than these, there are opportunities such as SEO freelancer, SEO Entrepreneur, and SEO Advisor. No doubt it is exciting, but without knowing where and how to apply for these positions, it is difficult to start. 
To get a job in SEO as a fresher there are plenty of ways such as:

Through Institute Placements

To get a job as a fresher, if you are someone who has taken up a digital marketing course through an institute, chances are that the institute might provide you with campus placement.
Again the placement would depend on how good you are at the work you are supposed to do. You must complete certifications and fulfill the placement criteria that the institute might have.

Through Job Portals

You will find hundreds and thousands of jobs and career opportunities for fresher in the digital marketing field related to SEO. 
As a fresher, you can register yourself on different job portals such as Naukri, Monster, Indeed and so on. Look for relevant job opportunities.
Apply filters such as experience, location, job position, and pay scale. Before applying for a job on these portals, make sure that your profile is updated and well presented.
This will help you find the latest jobs in this field. To start with, as a fresher an internship is a great opportunity to learn and practice.
There are sites like Internshala, Youth4work, and Letsintern, etc. They provide internship opportunities with every kind of establishment.

Apply to Companies Directly

Every company posts job openings on their websites. To get a Digital Marketing job as a fresher, you need to be proactive and keep visiting official sites of companies you aim to work with.
Again having well-presented and updated resume is the key to grab an interview chance.
Apply to good companies even if they pay less then what you expected because the chances of growth are pretty high in them. The pay scale eventually increases. 

Professional Networking

Ensure that you connect with people in the same field. Use your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to network and connect with people.
Update your profile on LinkedIn; connect with experts and HRs who work in prospective companies.
You can even ask your connections to share your profile with their connections.
Building professional networks can be a great way to find a job as a fresher and also it helps in learning a lot more and grabbing the attention of your prospective employers.

Through word of mouth

Spread the word of mouth through your friends and family members, you might find a freelance project or land up a job.
Use your social media profile to let people know that you possess a certain set of skills and you can offer them. Build a personal brand by being authentic and helpful. 
Before applying to a company make sure that you have a well-curated resume. Use your creative side and make it as visually appealing as you can.
Edit and omit resume according to each job profile, every job description is different and every job profile too. Understand that a good profile can create a huge impact and can get you a wonderful job profile. 
You will find several digital marketing resume templates for fresher, and you can use them to build yours.
Apart from working on your profile and actively applying, one needs to be patient and calm.
While it can be tiring and frustrating at times, you need to understand that you aim to find a work profile that suits your preferences.
One should also be ready about the fact the profile is going to be challenging as trends and technology keep evolving. If you are someone who is not comfortable with constant change, you should reconsider your career choice.
Keep yourself updated in terms of technology and trends by constantly educating yourself through events, seminars, conferences.
The Internet should become your best friend, enrol in the best digital marketing course in Chennai, watch and read about the latest changes in the Digital Marketing Industry and practice them.
Get familiar with every aspect of Digital Marketing such as Social Media, HTML, CSS, Knowledge of tools such as Google Search Console, Small SEO Tools, Google Structured Data, and Google PageSpeed Analysis, etc.
These practices will enhance your profile and your chances of getting a good work opportunity are higher. Continuous learning is important to make your mark in the SEO industry because of its ever-changing economic and technological conditions. 
Remember that patience and practice are two very crucial things. You need to keep working on both to achieve what you want. 

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