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A Digital Marketing Interview Session with Digiperform’s Ex-Trainee- Virat Manchanda

Virat Manchanda is a BIM Consultant and owner of Imagine BIM Consultancy with Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering and Project Management. He has a quality experience in Real Estate and believes providing the best solutions to his clients with his honesty and forthrightness. Let’s read out to know more about him. Q1- You have a great professional experience and currently own a consultancy called Imagine BIM  From the beginning, I was fascinated with the field of Construction and was one of the lucky few that knew their career path from very early on. So naturally, I chose Civil Engineering. After graduation, I applied for going to the US with the aim of learning from the best in the world and got selected in a great university in the US. I did my masters in Construction Management, worked there for 3 years and came back after half a decade brimming with ideas! I am extremely passionate about Quality and Processes so when I discovered BIM (Building Information Modeling), I knew I had found my calling. It is the perfect combination of my Project Management Training, my Construction and Real Estate Experience and my one true passion of Quality. The icing on the cake is that the adoption of BIM is in such early stages, that it gives me an immense freedom to experiment and create my own ways of working to my heart’s satisfaction. Now, I am a full-time BIM consultant where I offer a combination that very few people I know can provide. I use my real world construction experience to create highly accurate BIM models and use the information generated to perform real-world Project Management. Q2- Why you decided to learn Digital Marketing? I did  Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) course from Digiperform to understand the new and upcoming field so I could use it to promote my own business.  I may, at a later stage, choose to start this as a separate business vertical. Q3- Why do you feel Digital Marketing can help students and entrepreneurs to learn and earn as well? The market is evolving so as the businesses. Digital Marketing is the latest trend of marketing and it has a great offering, especially for our small enterprises. With Digital Marketing strategies, any business can use to increase sales and get more customers from their online presence. Digital marketing makes it possible for your business to reach more potential customers. Due to a high demand of Digital Marketing Experts, it is one of the hottest professions in India where there is immense scope for expansion. Q4- In your profile, what is the most challenging part of your work? The most challenging part of my work is business development through the formation of new business relationships. Q5- Why did you choose Digiperform over other Digital Marketing Training Companies? The owner was extremely personable and gave me confidence regarding the quality of the course.  Digiperform also promised to address some personal concerns and queries and lived up to the promise. Q6- How much you liked Digiperform? Share your memorable moments with Digiperform? The experience was excellent.  I formed wonderful bonds with co-participants as well as well as with the trainer.  We became friends who were on the course together to learn new things and to help each other learn. Q7- How was the faculty of Digiperform? Do you have any favorites? My trainer was Rahul Singh.  His passion and commitment towards the students to learn is fully complemented by his warm and friendly nature.  He made each class both fun and informative. Q8- What is your message to other entrepreneurs who want to go forward in Digital Marketing? The time for this field is now.  Get in and be a leader in the industry. Q9- In your opinion, what is the scope of Digital Marketing in coming years? It is one of those rare fields which is new, easy to pick up and has great financial as well as professional scope in the future. Q10- What are your future plans? I plan to grow my consultancy business and if possible, add digital marketing as one of the services provided.   Thanks a lot Virat for sharing your valuable experience and future plans. Digiperform wishes you a great success in life. ————————————————————————————————————————— Also, check out more stories by entrepreneurs who have chosen Digiperform as their learning partner in the journey.
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