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11 Ways to Get Amazing Results With Influencer Marketing

11 Ways to Get Amazing Results With Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing primarily involves using an individual with vast influence and following to market a particular product or service. Social media platforms have increasingly been the best avenues for influencer marketing, thanks to their ease of access and use. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the social media platforms where most of the influencer marketing takes place. Influencer marketing in most ways has the hallmarks and almost everything about digital marketing. On these social media platforms, influencers have varying sizes of followers ranging from thousands to millions. The decision to select an influencer with a huge following will depend on the objectives of your marketing campaign and your budget as well. However, despite the influencer that you pick, and the social media platform that you use, some ways can make you witness outstanding results with influencer marketing. 

1# Embark on Research

Marketing requires some preliminary research before you can embark on serious promotional activity. The scope of the research is broad in this case since you need to settle on the social media platform or platforms that you will use, the type of influencers that you will work with, and the audience that you will target.  These details are essential in the entire process of crafting your marketing campaign, as they will help to influence how will you go about promoting the product or offering in question. Mostly, research leads to the revelation of new insights and essential information. With the appropriate information to influence action, then what you are doing is embarking on a data-driven approach, which, in most cases, guarantees impressive results and outcomes.  Influencer marketing has helped businesses drive sales, and there are businesses whose marketing strategy completely relies on influencer marketing. A survey by Tomoson indicates that businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing. This goes to show that influencer marketing indeed has the potential to drive revenue and change the course of your business for the better. 

2# Ensure Your Targets Are Realistic

If you are creating an influencer marketing strategy, then to achieve amazing results with influencer marketing, then you should ensure that you have a realistic set of targets right from the beginning. When it comes to setting goals, you have to ensure that the objectives resonate with the marketing campaign.  The presence of realistic targets makes work easier for the influencer since they can easily plan how to go about different aspects of the entire campaign. Almost everything about digital marketing overlaps with influencer marketing, including the need to set achievable targets for the entire campaign. Further, influencers also get the latitude to craft targets and milestones, which they can use in the course of their marketing campaign. Whichever way you look at it, setting clear and realistic goals is one surefire way of getting amazing results from influencer marketing.

3# Work with the Best in the Field

There is a negligible chance of getting amazing results with influencer marketing if you do not pick the right influencers for your marketing campaign. In most cases, and especially when it comes to influencer marketing, the results are often commensurate with the marketing agents that you use. You can imagine the kind of results you will get if you do not work with the best or at least top minds in the influencing space.  67.6% of marketers and businesses find it difficult to find relevant influencers, and this comes across to them as their biggest obstacle when it comes to influencer marketing. Getting an influential individual on a social media platform is one step to lock in a good outcome of your marketing campaign. While you cannot be entirely sure about the result of the marketing campaign, the odds that you will be successful are high if you work with people who are well-equipped and experienced in the field. Such people often command a considerable following, as well. 

4# Take Charge of the Process

Getting outstanding results with influencer marketing requires you to take a central position or take an important role in the entire marketing process. Finding an appropriate influencer is just one step in the process. Playing an oversight and management role is another kettle of fish altogether.  If you are out to register good results, then you need to be at the forefront of the entire process. You need to be present at all times, and alive to all unfolding situations within your campaign. This way, you are setting yourself for an impressive outcome. Taking charge of the process is also something that you might want to consider in the content delivery process.  Setting content delivery requirements includes informing the influencer of expectations as far as content creation and content sharing goes. This delivery process should contain the key parameters, including deadlines, number of posts, and times at which the content gets posted on the selected social media platform. If your content will reach people speaking different languages, you might want to infuse efforts and resources like how PickWriters do to ensure you get the content in the relevant language to the various audiences. 

5# Define Your Key Performance Indicators

Because you are all in to ensure that you have a favorable outcome at the end of the day, you cannot take any chances or afford to go in blind. Because of this aspect, therefore, there is a need to establish clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help to monitor your progress and all that you will do about the marketing campaign.  Most KPIs are attached to particular metrics or statistics, and in the marketing process, achieving these metrics is evidence of movement or progress in the right direction. Apart from reasons for tracking the achievement of key targets of the marketing process, KPIs come in handy as a road-map or a guide for the campaign as well.

6# Being Platform-Specific

There could be a dozen or more social media platforms out there today, and these platforms are unique in functionality. Some like Instagram just favor and run on visual content. Twitter is all about written content and visuals and making the most outreach through broad coverage. Working with a set of social media platforms while using one or more influencers could be a bit tricky to manage. Further, there could be mix-ups, and it could be cumbersome to measure or quantify the outcome. A surefire way of getting a positive result is to ensure that you stick to a particular platform and ensure your strategy maximizes the avenues provided by the platform. If you focus on Instagram, then you might want to maximize the influencer’s following on that platform for the best return or yield.  Being platform-specific also requires that you create content that is in line with the platform you intend to use. BestWritersOnline does exemplary work in content creation, and replicating what they do and fitting it in your content creation strategy could help immensely in your marketing campaign. Instagram has an engagement rate that is at least 50 times that of popular app Facebook. This statistic can help to give context to those people mulling selecting or prioritizing platforms that have more engagement rates. 

7# Support the Marketing Campaign

If you are working with an influencer to promote a particular product or service, you must get involved in some ways. In this context, getting involved means offering your support as well to the entire marketing process.  Taking charge of the marketing process is not all that matters. You need to ensure that you reinforce what the influencer is doing by sharing their content on the selected social media platform.  Amplify their content. Put in some effort by ensuring that you share the content within your circles so there can be an extensive and expansive coverage. This way, you are increasing the scope of the campaign, and a broader coverage can lead to generating more leads and more conversions, which are all good results if you come to think of it.

8# Understand the Target Audience

Just like any other form of promotion or marketing campaign, understanding the target audience is a crucial part of the entire marketing process. You need to understand the key pieces of information about the target audience.  Their characteristics include their likes, dislikes, tastes, and preferences. This information gives you the necessary insight into whom you are dealing with, and by so doing, you are in a better position to send a message to the audience. If you are working with a Facebook audience, it is best you know their likes and preferences and how to get at them. Understanding the target audience also helps to inform your content creation and content delivery strategy. You and your influencer are at a better position of creating content that will well resonate with the target audience, and in such a setting, it is a win-win for your marketing campaign.

9# Track Progress and Milestones Achieved

Ordinarily, a marketing campaign will take some time before it ends and before it meets its objectives. This is so because it is a process in itself, and it involves a series of steps or stages. You might want to keep tabs on the progress of the marketing campaign so that you can make corrections or rectifications in areas that are lagging, or in areas that you think are not being well-attended to.  You will indeed have milestones for the entire campaign, which will help guide your progress step by step. Therefore, you must consider evaluating and assessing progress made so to ensure that you are on the right path. Doing so helps to pave the way for a good outcome at the end of the entire process. 

10# Check Out Comments and Feedback

Social media is one place where people freely air their thoughts on almost everything that comes in their way, and for a marketing campaign, it is no less. Social media users will likely comment on the posts and content that your influencer shares. In many ways, whether the feedback is positive or negative, it is vital information to you.  This is so because it will help you to know areas where the campaign is doing well, and areas where the campaign is lagging. This insight can help you make the necessary adjustments, and by doing so, you are ensuring that the campaign will be a success. 

11# Implement a Strategy that Drives Engagement

Marketing is about getting people to know about a particular product, service, or offering in general. Influencer marketing, in particular, not only involves making people be in the know about a specific product or offering but also sparking and driving some conversation and engagement around that product.  The more people talk about a product on online platforms, the more people will be inclined to check the product out in the real world. Noteworthy is that engagement helps to create awareness, and helps people to know more about a particular product, information that would otherwise be difficult to come across. The more people talk about a product, and the more people want to try it out, the more your strategy shapes up for ultimate success. In summary, if you are out to get impressive results with influencer marketing, then you need to ensure that your strategy is foolproof. Given the multi-faceted nature of influencer marketing, you need to ensure that you get all the details right.  You need to craft a strategy that will encompass almost every vital detail that increases the chances of you getting good results. Some key aspects, like defining targets as well as KPIs, help immensely in the overall process and form the building blocks of the entire influencer marketing process.
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