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Chapter 1- What is content marketing? Why is it so important for your business?

Chapter 1- What is content marketing? Why is it so important for your business?
If you are reading this, then we can consider either you are a businessman who is looking for honest ways to increase your business online or a marketer who is learning new tactics to understand the concept of online marketing. And, if you are looking for result oriented digital marketing strategies to promote your business, then no wonder, one of the important factors to make it successful is CONTENT. In the digital world, content plays a very important role. Whether you promoting your business on Facebook or using emails as the medium, you need one basic strategy to initiate these i.e. Content. We understand the importance of content marketing; therefore, we have decided to educate you about content marketing through our Free Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing. And, consider this post as our first introductory chapter of the free ebook in which we have shared the basics – what is content marketing and how it is important for your business?

What is Content Marketing?

Content helps to share your message that can be in any form like texts, pictures, gifs, audio, etc. Therefore, content marketing is the form of marketing strategy that revolves around publishing, sharing, creating and distributing the same content through various online marketing channels. This strategy helps to target the audience to bring out new customers (traffic) to your business.   The content marketing is always done through online mediums such as blogs, social media, ebooks, visuals and other downloadable tools that can share your brand and expertise with your ideal audience.  

Why do you need to know about Content Marketing in 2019?

A strong online marketing strategy starts with conceptualized content planning. And, a great content marketing strategy starts with a strong keyword research plan that helps customers/audiences to search it what they are looking on the internet. Therefore, the content should be written as per the audience interest and demand including keywords. In the current scenario, mobile has taken over all the mediums to share any content. And, going forward, Mobile content will definitely take all the content on the internet. As per the stats, 75% of Facebook users access the platform from mobile devices only. This clearly denotes that if you want to succeed in your online marketing strategy, you need to focus more on creating mobile content and plan your strategy accordingly.

Why content marketing is important for your business?

Well, there are the number of reasons. However, we will be sharing the top important reasons why content marketing is a big YES for any business success.

Reason No. 1 – It builds trust with your Audience (Visitors)

Your audience is very intelligent. They won’t just fall for any brand or company. You need to share valuable content in the form of visual, blogs, videos etc. on regular basis. The more content you share with your visitors, the more they would understand you have an authority in your respective field. This will build trust – a faith that you are a reliable brand. Also, your audience is looking for experts who have great expertise in their domain. You need to show through your content that you are an expert who always goes there with a solution.

Reason No. 2 – It builds Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness plays an important role in any business success. And, how your audience going to know about your brand: through Content Marketing. Yes, you can use content marketing effectively to create awareness about your brand that would also help you to increase traffic to your business or website consistently. There are many ways to create a brand awareness; like you can share the latest happenings or news in your industry, new products launches, happy customer testimonials, company happy moments or your teams’ outings through blogs, emailers, videos, pictures, ebooks, etc. There are many ways to reach out your existing as well as potential customers in a unique and entertaining way through content marketing. These basic content sharing tactics can help you to expose your brand that they never knew existed. With these tactics, you’ll be able to generate more awareness as well as potential leads for your business and use it to demonstrate your skill and expertise again and again.

Reason No. 3- It makes your business more visible through organic search

You are well aware that whenever a customer or visitor search you or your business on Google, he/she types certain words which are called as keywords. These are very common search words used by an online user. For example, if anyone is looking for yellow kurta in Anarkali style, she/he will write on the web and search for “Yellow Anarkali Kurti”. This “Yellow Anarkali Kurti” is the keyword for your product that sounds very common way out to search on the web. There are many ways to search for such kind of keywords that you will learn in our coming chapters. Point is that, if you share more and more content based on your products or services using appropriate keywords, it will help you to increase your organic visibility. It is also considered as the best non paid but reputable way to increase your online visibility. Google is very smart. It recognizes that you are sharing genuine and valuable content and has all the answer that people are looking for, then it will definitely rank you on top in search results. Though search engine algorithms are changing day by day. But as long as you are sharing information and up to date content consistently, Google will rank your business higher and keep on your visibility.

Reason No. 4 – It generates leads for your business

Obviously, if you sound trustworthy and people know you, they will look for you and it will eventually help you in getting more leads. And, all the purpose to follow all the hard ways to publish and share content is to generate more leads, right! Content marketing enables strangers to find you all with the help of your useful and informative content. Therefore, sharing innovative content through various mediums like social media, downloadable ebooks, etc. helps your clients to believe you and to make a decision to buy.

Reason No. 5- Informative content will make your business popular on Social Media Platforms

Once you share informative and consistent content to your audience, you are considered as an expert in your field. It means you know things that most other businesses don’t know which makes you popular. If your content solves a problem, it becomes catchy on search engines. And, Social media is quickly catching with search engines as the best way for content to reach the audience. Also, the audience is quite reactive to visually creative content and like to share with their mates. We are living in the age of digital-mobile-viral where an exciting post picks enough momentum to get shared and put in front of more people than anyone can imagine. Therefore, try to make most of this technology but make sure to share informative and positive content only. k


There are numerous reasons to state why content is king of marketing but we have listed the major and important reasons to make your business goes on and on. There will always be many content marketing tactics that produce quick, short-lived spikes in traffic and leads. Or, there will also be those ways that may have no business impact at all. Content marketing has been a great deal of time and money invested in growing your business to get it to where it is today. Therefore, invest in proper content marketing now and it will reward you for years to come. Previous Chapter
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