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Free Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Free Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
Social Media is no longer a new term for anyone. Whether you belong to any types of generation like Millennial, Gen Z or part of Baby Boomers, you may know at least about one social media platform and actively using it to stay connected with your dear ones.   Though some may like Facebook to stay connected with friends, some prefer Instagram to keep a tab on the latest pictures or others prefer YouTube, TikTok etc. to find a various genre of music. Everyone has their own favorites. And, If we talk about businesses, they are trying every bit by targeting these users over social media platforms through their social media marketing strategies and gaining revenue out of it. In both the perspective, everyone is gaining something or anything out of it by using these social media platforms. And, if you are still thinking about how much time an ideal person spends on social media, what you will say? Then, here is the answer.

On average, around 1 hour and 40 minutes are the time spend on social media by one person in a day.

Social media marketing is one of the wonderful superpowers that online marketing can be proud of. It provides endlessly profitable revenue to the businesses by staying connecting with their audiences or customers all the time. Though we are part of the digital era, there are many businesses who don’t know what is social media marketing all about and how social media marketing can help to grow their business?   Here we come as a rescue. Being India’s Most Trusted Brand in Digital Marketing Education, we have decided to come with free social media marketing course that would help layman or non-expert to learn social media marketing. How? In the form of Free Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing. Yes, this Social Media Marketing Guide will help you to understand:
  • What is social media marketing?
  • What are the various social media platforms for business?
  • How social media marketing can help you in your business?
  • How to create a social media marketing strategy?
  • List of social media marketing tools
  • The career in Social Media Marketing
This free online social media marketing course is not only designed specifically for  business owners or entrepreneurs, but this may also even help freshers or job seekers to learn about:
  • Why it is important to learn social media marketing
  • What are the various career options in social media marketing
  • What social media marketing can help you in your career?
And more…..

What will be the content of this beginner’s guide?

Here is the list of chapters that will constituent our free beginner’s guide of social media marketing.

Chapter 1.  An introduction to Social media marketing (Starting with the basics)

  • What is Social Media?
  • Why is Social Media marketing important?
  • Social media facts and stats
  • An overview of Top Social media platforms

Chapter 2.  How to create a social media marketing strategy?

  • Define your audience (Segmentation) (Country, interests, language, behavior etc)
  • Set your objective (Endorsement, Web traffic, engagement, branding, customer service etc)
  • How to plan your Social media content?
  • Paid versus Organic Social media
  • Choosing the right social media platform
  • Best time to post on Social media
  • Measure, Tracking and Improve

Chapter 3.  Getting started with the social network (Brief and stats)

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Quora

Chapter 4.   How to market your business using Facebook?

  • Facebook Profile VS. Facebook Page
  • How to create perfect Facebook Page
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • How to Create a Paid Facebook Ad
  • Facebook Pixel 101
  • Creating an Audience on Facebook
  • Tracking and Measuring Results with Facebook Analytics

Chapter 5-  How to market your business using Instagram?

  • How to create a powerful Instagram account
  • Determine your Instagram goals
  • How to increase your followers, likes, clicks?
  • How to create an Instagram story
  • Choose the right hashtags (Popular hashtags)( Where to find hashtags and how to use them correctly
  • How to create WOW content that attracts visitors
  • Who to follow on Instagram (popular blogs)

Chapter 6-  How to market your business using YouTube?

  • Build and Optimize your YouTube Account
  • End Screens on YouTube Videos
  • Customize your YouTube URL
  • Optimize your YouTube Videos
  • Paid YouTube Video Ads
  • SEO & YouTube
  • YouTube Reports & Analytics

Chapter 7- How to market your business using LinkedIn?

  • Create and Optimize your Personal LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page
  • How to Create a LinkedIn Company/Business Page
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn Ads

Chapter 8- How to create Social Media Calendar?

  • Importance of creating social media calendar
  • List of free Tools to create a social media marketing calendar
  • How it can benefit in running social media campaigns?

Chapter 9- List of Top Social Media Marketing Tools


Chapter 10- Career in Social Media Marketing

  • The scope of a career in social media marketing
  • Different profiles in social media marketing
  • Packages of these profiles

Chapter 11- Question and Answers

This is a beginner’s social media marketing guide will help you understand social media marketing in any business success. Stay tuned for the chapters!
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