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Digital Marketing Strategies and its Implementation in Businesses

Digital Marketing Strategies and its Implementation in Businesses
These days marketing is considered nothing if it’s not bagged with digital tactics. The marketing is evolving as per the consumer behavior. As most of the times, consumers are active online, you won’t be able to know and reach them if you don’t make your business online too. It’s not a reel concept; many big tycoons have accepted the fact if you want to survive in the market, you need to go with the changing digital trends. Due to digitalization and consumer needs, digital technology continues to expand and nurture; and digital marketing strategies are evolving to keep up. From social media to search for big data, the online advertisements, the opportunities for marketers and businesses today are endless. Buyers-Behaviour The success begins with a good plan. A good plan, in turn, begins with research to understand which solutions might offer the best outcomes for your challenges and customer requirements. In this post, I’ll share all the basic details to give an idea of what is Digital Marketing? What is Digital Marketing Strategy? How can you implement in your business marketing plans? What is the latest Digital Marketing Strategies in 2017 that have effectively created a great impact in businesses? Let’s begin: Digital Marketing Strategies  What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the latest trend of marketing which is set of online tools and strategies that help your business to promote and prosper with the help of digital devices. As most of the world population is addicted to technology, the Internet acts like an only platform to follow the path of branding and showcasing your products to the same population. In business terms, Digital Marketing is a set of tools that helps to promote your brand and generate the leads through digital mediums. Promoting a brand plays a big role in generating leads and digital marketing helps to sustain at very limited cost. generating leads and digital marketing What is Digital Marketing Strategy? Digital Marketing Strategy aka Digital Strategy is a plan or implementation of digital marketing or online trends that can maximize the benefits of businesses by generating validated leads and sales. A successful digital marketing strategy is the combination of technology-focused initiatives and data-driven ideologies with the combination of well skilled and trained digital marketers and leadership. In simple language, digital marketing strategy is the series of actions that you can take to help your business achieve your marketing goals through digital mediums and campaigns. We believe that digital marketing strategies are essential to take the advantage of the growing opportunities from digital marketing to overcome the competition and earn a better position in the market.   Latest Digital Marketing Strategies and their implementations The mentioned below are the few guidelines and basic practices of digital marketing strategies that will provide the perfect required exposure to your business: 1)    Get Set with Instagram If you still haven’t registered your business on Instagram and you’re wondering why Instagram then you are lacking a most of your brand’s visibility. The younger generation has flocked to this social media platform with over 700 million monthly active users. The advertisers are getting more of an opportunity to share their content through filtered photos. Instagram is one of the most natural ways to share content for your brand. It is better to be a step ahead of the game than 2 steps behind it. business on Instagram 2)    Paid Promotions on Facebook Your first job should be to create a Facebook Business Page as there are already 2.01 billion active users on Facebook who are looking for new and reliable sources. However, getting your business in front of Facebook users naturally or organically is becoming far harder, which is why the rise in businesses paying for Facebook ads has increased. These businesses know that just having a simple page that they update is no longer going to cut it and are putting their efforts into tapping into Facebook’s huge audience of daily users unless it gets paid. Facebook offers a range of promotion types, whether you just want to get more “likes” or use them as a conversion driver for your latest product or service. The site’s targeted campaigns may not be cheap, but run correctly can generate significant returns after the few days it can take for the campaign to become fully optimized. Facebook ads 3)    Youtube videos By implementing videos into your online marketing mix, you can start to get search engine exposure for the videos that you upload onto YouTube! There are a lot of great tricks to obtain more video SEO Exposure. Choosing a proper title tag, uploading a transcript and embedding the YouTube video are just some of the tricks for optimal SEO exposure. Online video should definitely be included in your digital marketing strategy as this form of rich media can be a game changer in terms of publicity for your company. People will interpret your YouTube videos that you are taking your marketing initiatives very seriously. Youtube videos 4)    Twitter Outreach Twitter is still a great platform where you can grow your following organically. Start searching for hashtags within your industry and reaching out to users in this fashion. Compliment someone on Twitter about a blog post that they wrote. Begin asking questions related to your hashtag. The result will be more interaction and core following of people who are interested in your content! There is a reason why Twitter has nearly 1 billion registered users! Start reaching your target audience via tweets through the perfect Twitter outreach strategy. Twitter Outreach 5)    Blogging An informative blog which defines your products is like a bonus to your marketing strategies. When you write a compelling blog, it has the potential to rank well organically in the search engines. 80% of daily blog visits are new so this is a great driver of new website traffic! Additionally, a blog can serve as content for a Facebook and Twitter post as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign. By creating better blog content, your web traffic will increase and your content will become more compelling Blogging 6)    Email Marketing The emails have a major role in any business success. They act as a brand ambassador for your companies. Many businesses have a database of current, prospective or potential customers however they fail to make the most of. Instead of searching for new customers elsewhere, a regular email marketing campaign can help to turn sales leads into customers and existing customers into brand loyalists. One of the best features of email marketing is that it has lower cost as compared to another source of advertising and digital marketing. There are no print costs and no fees in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazines or TV channel. It is easy to create and track. Email Marketing 7)    PPC and Google+ Plan The businesses are still not confident when it comes to using PPC – Pay Per Click to deliver more sales and inquiries and are missing out on the 10-15% of people that click on sponsored Ads. Those are interested are turning to PPC agencies because it can be difficult to not only understand how to make the best campaigns really rock, but also keep them working and delivering conversions. However, with proper learning and practice, you can win the battle easily.Google Adwords can be a PPC specialist’s best friend because it offers a range of solutions, from good old search to Display, Remarketing, Shopping, and Video. These give your business a wealth of options when it comes to getting it in front of millions of potential visitors and customers. PPC – Pay Per Click Google+ might not gain you that much interaction on your social media posts. This social media platform plays a crucial role in search engine optimization on the localized level, which makes this a must for marketers. The more reviews you get, the more content you post onto your page and the more followers you obtain, the higher the likelihood that you will start ranking well for localized search terms. 8)    SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based content marketing is the best way to get traffic to your website. A well run and optimized SEO campaign is a long-term marketing method that you cannot ignore. Not only does it, in the end, generally work out to be the most cost-effective marketing strategy, it is a method that continues to reach areas that you never even thought possible. As per the study, 75% of Google users will never go past page one, which means that if your website is not making the top 10 results then you are not going to be getting the traffic that you need to get sales. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 9)    Content Generation If you want your content to be seen by more eyeballs and gain more exposure, start contributing content to other blogs in similar fields. Content is considered good when it delivers the right message to the millions of hearts and minds of the customer. Most of the time content part is neglected by marketers, however, the success of your business primarily determined on the kind of content you share with your end users. It can be blogs; website content, videos, visuals, pictures etc depend on the genre you are working for. Content Generation 10)    Digital PR You can build off of the content contribution by implementing a Digital PR strategy. If you reach out to various media related websites and send them over a solid pitch, they might just write an article on your company or feature your CEO in a blog post.  The more people talking about your company, Tweeting about your business and mentioning your brand, the better exposure you will receive for the upcoming year. You can create your own Digital Marketing ways. Be experimental and enjoy the fruits of your marketing success.
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